Traffic bulletin .. Traffic densities in most axes and fields of Cairo And Giza

Traffic bulletin .. Traffic densities in most axes and fields of Cairo
 And Giza

Books Abdul Rahman Sayed

The streets and axes of Cairo and Giza witnessed the emergence of mobile traffic densities during the first peak of traffic congestion, due to increased loads, in conjunction with the movement of employees to their workplaces, students to enter universities and schools, and the independence of cars in the highest circular and mountain roads.
Traffic densities rose at the top of the circle in the peace zone and inside the tunnel for the coming from the regions to Cairo via the agricultural road, as well as for the direction of the Mneib, on the way to the motorway and the assembly, and in the opposite direction of the coming from Maadi to the Giza areas, as well as in the fifth assembly areas, .
The Ring Road witnessed the descent of Al-Bahr Al-Azam Street to the Dokki area until Al-Jalaa Square, a slowdown in the movement of cars and some densities in the Mariouteya circle from the desert to the Giza areas and the Fayoum desert road.
And appeared on the axis of the milk for the direction of the circle to the street of Sudan traffic densities, as well as the Abbas Bridge and the University and Giza Metal, and appeared densities in the vicinity of the Renaissance, and a signal between the Sarayat and the Nile Street tourist, because of the construction of the tunnel of the Renaissance Square, and saw the axis of Arabi medium densities From the provinces to the engineers.
The movement of cars slowed down at the Salah Salem axis from the Marghani tunnel and the new Egypt, as well as in front of Salah Salem to the Al-Azhar tunnel. Al-Azhar and Al-Gamaliyah witnessed traffic congestion, and traffic slowed at the top of the 15 May bridge in both directions. Zamalek Schools.
Traffic congestion appeared at the top of the highway for the coming from Helwan to Maadi and Mokattam, as well as the emergence of traffic densities to the area between the two mountains, until May 15, due to the increase of heavy transport vehicles and traffic densities to the road to Abbas Akkad. From the tunnel of peace towards the Zari and from it to the regions, as appeared densities in Salah Salem Street and aviation in conjunction with the entry of staff to the building of the Central Authority for Accounting and Statistics.
The October Bridge witnessed traffic congestion in front of the coming of Giza towards the center of the country, and other intensities in the opposite direction due to frequent breakdowns of cars, as well as the direction from Tahrir Square to Nasr City and the axis of victory to the platform. To the ring.
The Al-Azhar Tunnel witnessed a slowdown in the traffic coming from Salah Salem to Opera Square and vice versa, as well as densities at the top of the October Bridge for the coming from Ramses and Dumpra to Nasr City and from Giza to Cairo and vice versa. Al-Abbasiyah and the houses of the October Bridge, to Ahmad Saeed.
And appeared densities on the Corniche from Maadi, to the areas of the center of the country, and the impact of the Prophet until the palace and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Maspero during the entry of staff, and some densities Ramses Street to the Abbasid, and the axis of victory to the platform, and Abbas al-Akkad and aviation, and places to close signs in the fields Tahrir Square, Roxy and Rabaa Al Adawiya.
Al-Haram Street witnessed the emergence of traffic congestion in Mishal area, and densities of the 20th Street until Talbiyeh, and densities at Faisal Street in the floors area until the twentieth, and other densities appeared on Sudan Street to Cairo University and Al Nahda Square, to the areas of Bulaq and Imbaba.
Traffic congestion appeared in Mustafa Mahmoud Square, the League of Arab States Street, and Sudan Street, near Cairo University Metro Station, with the entry of staff and students to Cairo University, from the bridge of Faisal Bridge to Tahrir Street, and some densities appeared at the top of the university bridge. Densities of higher roads.
From the top of the Qalyub Bridge until the ring road to the provinces, mobile traffic increased at the top of the 26th of July axis for the route from Lebanon Square to October and from Sheikh Zayed to Lebanon Square .

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