Traffic d'heroin between Mauritius and Reunion : the band “Toto” at the correctional court on Monday

Traffic d'heroin between Mauritius and Reunion : the band “Toto” at the correctional court on Monday


It is finally Monday, February 5, that the three nationals from mauritius and Reunion island to be imprisoned for heroin trafficking, in November 2016.

trial, which was to be held on the 18th of January last before the tribunal correctionnel de Champ Fleuri, was postponed due to inclement weather of Berguitta. But it is this Monday that it will take place eventually.

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Must be considered, in the context of this seizure record of 42.2 kilograms of heroin pure intended for the mauritian market, Carrie Clain, a Pond-Saléenne and three nationals from mauritius, Mike Brew, Osman Kamil Mohamed and Almonzo Royce Capdor, all in custody since their arrest the night of 10 to 11 November 2016. There are also the two sons of Connie Clain, prosecuted for aiding and abetting.

The team will have to explain the supply chain implementation for many months for the account da mysterious sponsor, mauritian nicknamed “Toto”. It is clear from the statements of several of the protagonists of the folder that this enigmatic character, would have funded the operation which was to buy it for the modest sum of 150 000 euros to 42.2 kilograms of heroin made in Dubai to Madagascar.

The catch of this go-fast on-sea is thatdamage of the outboard led the smuggler-in-chief, Mike Brew, to call to The Meeting, time to repair, and finally come back with another boat. Tracked by the customs, Carrie Clain, mistress of the skipper, and his son will be intercepted at the port of Sainte-Rose with the drug, on the night of 10 to 11 November 2016. The three smugglers mauritians are handcuffed shortly after.

In police custody, they will end up being at the table, at a minimum, and sometimes with contradictory versions. A skein that president Bruno Karl will attempt to unravel over the course of today’s debates.

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background :

on This day, or rather this night of 10 to 11 November 2016, in the small fishing port of Sainte-Rose, the customs officers conducted a control. They moved into the east on the faith of a pipe unearthed several weeks ago, about the passage from Mauritius to the Port Is after a damage mechanics.

It is 00h15 precisely when the customs takes action in solo. The occupants of two vehicles parked side by side are asked to open their trunk. The fishing is miraculous. The Seat Ibiza is full of drugs and fuel. there is not to 42.2 kilograms of heroin, about 6.2 kilograms of cannabis resin, a bit of grass (174 grams) and 140 liters of fuel, distributed in seven containers.

The heroine is almost pure, which, in fact, a seizure is particularly spectacular. A toxicological analysis will confirm that she is ” mega-dosed “. This is what specialists call the ” head of traffic “. Needless to say, she can easily cause death in overdose cases. For the traffickers, it presents the advantage of pay big dividends once cut.

For resale, it is estimated thatit would have allowed the sponsor of the operation to collect 1.68 million euros plus resin for a total of 12 400 euros. Never seen that before at The Meeting.

customs officials were quick to understand that the Reunion on the premises, his son and his daughter-in-law are only small fry. The latter followed the movement. The youngest son knew a little longer, but its role would be limited to one spotter. A poor spotter who has not seen it coming the patrol.

however, the mother, Corine Clain, focuses all attention. It is not a long time mystery that they are there to make their goods to the smugglers. Their boat must dock in the middle of the night when there will no longer be a cat on the horizon. The customs go up a mousetrap. The wait appears to be paying off.

It is 3: 45 pm when a motor boat, ” the Sweet Love Mama “, shows up at the dock. the Three Mauritian fall in their turn in the nets of the customs officers. Mike Brews is the skippeur of the band. It is he who maintains close links with Corine Clain. They are lovers for 6 years. Royce Capdor, also skippeur, is the owner of the boat who has been able to rally The Meeting. The third crew member, Osman Kamil Mohamed, alias ” Azal “, is as an auto mechanic. Its role, rather cloudy at the start, could have some surprises in store.

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