Traffic, Drammen | Hit by train problems again: – It’s crazy

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STREAMS: On Friday evening, Bane Nor reported delays and adjustments on the Drammen line. The reason was a signal error on the route.

A number of train lines were affected by the fault.

Kim Hernæs left Sørumstrand at 4.15pm today. He stands at the train station in Drammen for three hours. To get here, he had to take a bus from Asker, which according to him took the entire “milk route” before it arrived in the city.

– If my train doesn’t leave soon, the whole of Friday will be ruined, he says.

The plan is to meet at a friend’s house. The two were actually supposed to have dinner together, but the wait made him hungry.

– I ended up eating at Narvesen here. Fortunately, we can enjoy ourselves with something to drink, he says.


If the trains had gone as planned, he would have already turned up at his friend’s place at six o’clock. He says that he does not take the train often, but that in the last two weeks he has experienced major delays on the railway several times.

– It’s crazy. I plan the day for hours, so when they suddenly run away I lose the whole of Friday. If I had got in the car, I would have passed Gudbrandsdalen at the same time, he says.

Hernæs nevertheless chooses to keep his spirits up:

– I hope the route is arranged for tomorrow, so I don’t lose half of Saturday as well, he concludes.

Bane Nor reported at 19.23 that the error had been corrected and that train traffic was running as normal again.

On Thursday, to say the least, there was chaos on the Drammen line when hundreds of commuters were affected by a signal fault on the same section.

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