Traffic jam… right on the Italian!

Khaled Al-Malik, who is the editor-in-chief of the Saudi newspaper Al-Jazeera as well as the head of the Saudi Journalists Association, wrote an article entitled “Traffic Congestion: Is There a Solution?”
He meant the traffic congestion in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, which he described as unbearable, calling on the Saudi traffic to reveal its plans to remedy this disturbing situation for all.
Concurrently, the Kuwaiti writer Iqbal Al-Ahmad, who was formerly editor-in-chief of the Kuwait News Agency, published an article in Al-Qabas newspaper, in which she commented on a new decision published in Kuwaiti newspapers. If his salary is less than 600 dinars.
Al-Ahmad reconciled this decision as arbitrary: “The expatriate is held responsible for the inability and inability of the concerned party to study the issue of traffic jams effectively, scientifically, radically and objectively.”
Well, in my humble estimation, the population increase, along with the lack of road networks – the old ones with their development and the new ones with their creation – with the lack of launching modern transport networks (metro buses, etc.) with the lack of rigor in applying traffic violations with general behavioral defects, is the “main” reason, and not the only one. In this traffic “suffocation”, according to the description of the dean of Saudi journalists, Khaled Al-Malik.
I am not an expert in transport engineering and traffic flow, for this is a matter that has its merits, but I share this complaint with the people who are the owners of the road, but I want to stop at an issue that I have seen repeated between Kuwait and Riyadh, which is holding non-citizens responsible for the traffic crisis… So who is the reason to withdraw Allowing groups of them (as in the Kuwaiti model) to a need to reduce and limit the number of non-citizens, and legalize the movement of manual labor with used cars (or “carnations” as it is said in the local Saudi dialect), and although I agree with the necessity of developing the movement of workers in a civilized and modern way… But this does not mean promoting chauvinism in dealing with human beings legally residing on Earth.
We have a population increase, and it will continue, whether among citizens or non-citizens. According to the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Anbaa, the Civil Information Authority stated that the number of Kuwait’s population increased by the end of June 2022 to about 4.464 million people, citizens constituted 34 percent of them, by 1.5 million. Male and female citizens, while expatriates account for 66 percent of the total population of Kuwait, with 2.96 million male and female residents. In a report published in mid-2021 in, a report issued by the General Authority for Statistics in Saudi Arabia revealed that the population of Saudi Arabia exceeded 35 million people by the end of the first half of 2020, and the percentage of the population was estimated in a report published on the platform of the General Authority for Statistics for Saudis at 63.8. percent, while non-Saudis constituted 36.4 percent.
One of the objectives of the “Great Saudi Vision 20-30” is to develop the population and attract millions of non-Saudis, for various developmental, scientific and cultural goals.
Strictly speaking, the “addiction” of throwing problems at non-citizens is a behavior that escapes from the essence of the problem, and it is a behavior that exists, by the way, in many countries of the world during periods of major transformations or living crises… I am absolutely certain that the Saudi vision is Al Jadeeda is not unaware of this problem, and will address it from its roots… It is only a matter of time.
This is a warning signal to hold oneself accountable before holding others accountable… and to adhere to the famous saying, “the right is on the Italians”… when we want to escape from bearing responsibility.