Traffic jams and violations due to shooting; Pala Municipal Council filed a complaint against Joju George film

Complaint against the shoot of Joju George’s new film. Both the chief minister and the police chief have received a complaint against the film Antony directed by Joshi. In the complaint filed by the Pala Nagasabha, it has been said that there was a traffic jam in the city due to filming.

There was a situation where the work of the civil station was disrupted. The shooting was done by the Board of Pala Subjail. According to the complaint, this is a violation of the law. The Pala municipality itself had earlier given permission for this filming. But they have come forward with the explanation that filming is done by crossing the said conditions.

The makers of the film had approached the Municipal Corporation seeking permission to shoot the film on the narrow road in front of the Subjail in Pala. The municipal special council had met and given this permission. Permission was given for filming on 5th and 6th. In this, an important condition stated by the municipality was that filming should not be done in such a way as to cause hardship to people.

But the complaint says that during the filming of the movie yesterday, people faced great difficulty. In the complaint, the Municipal Corporation says that due to the caravans and production vehicles of the actors, the traffic is blocked on the entire road. In a situation where people are facing great difficulties, the city council itself which had given permission for filming in advance has filed a complaint with the Chief Minister, DGP, District Collector and Motor Vehicle Department seeking intervention.

One of the main reasons pointed out in the complaint submitted by the municipal president to the chief minister is that there was a violation of jail rules in connection with the shooting of the film. One allegation is that the shooting vehicles were kept in the Pala Sub Jail compound even after the stipulated time. The RDO has asked the Tehsildar to conduct an inquiry based on the complaint.

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2023-05-06 14:46:00

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