A major intervention of the Apa Nova due to a sewer old 90 years old who has snapped and needs to be changed, restricted today the traffic on the road and Mihai Bravu. Apa Nova apologize to the people of bucharest for the inconvenience created and pledged to fix it in record time damage. In the present case, for the completion of the drilling by the method of pipe jacking (digging and placing of pipes) for replacing canister existing on Soseaua Mihai Bravu (between the passage of Labour and str. Dristorului), the collector found in an advanced state of decay (1927), has imposed the taking of all implementing measures for the safety of the works and of the surface of the road system. All for the safety of the people, in the event of possible cave-ins and the avoidance of the possible tragedy was closed and lane 1 of movement. In this respect, we have taken additional measures of consolidation and stabilisation of the embankment, and he took the measure restricting the movement of traffic on all three lanes on the sos. Mihai Bravu on about 200 m, between str. Gheorghe Petraşcu (after the tram station) direction str. Dristorului (towards the hospital, Victor Babes), the movement of the car being diverted on the tram line. The work will be completed by Monday 20.10.2014.

water and sewage System of Bucharest is more considerable, there are areas in which it has been built over 100 years ago.

the Company is faced daily with the disposals of the old network of about 100 years, but continues the process of modernization of the sewerage network.

Apa Nova Bucharest, part of the French group Veolia, operates 2.507 km of water pipes, 2.355 miles of canal and three stations for drinking water production – Red, Crivina, Arcuda. In addition to the age of the pipes, Apa Nova has taken over a network which has been minimally maintained for a long period, during the years 1970 – 1990, when the communist state wanted the savings at any price. Then many works have been made with technology and materials unsuitable or not at all. A good example is the box under the Dâmboviţa where no one had intervened in the 1980’s so that by the cleaning completed by Apa Nova in 2015, the operating capacity was reduced to 47%.

Repair within 24 hours

the concession Contract concluded by Apa Nova and the city Hall of the Municipality of Bucharest is one results-oriented. How damage are inevitable in a network of this magnitude and seniority were laid down clear deadlines, maximum, in which Water Nova is required to solve the problems that arise. For example, teams have to intervene in the two hours in the case of lack of water and in 24 hours in the event of a failure with loss of water. And in the situation in which a sprue or channel is clogged or collapses the maximum time limit for remedying the deficiency is all of 24 hours. By the way, this contract was given by the World Bank as an example of successful firms from around the world. At the same time, the Company Apa Nova has a prevention program that allows him to maintain a functional network and at the same time to be able to intervene in time where problems arise.

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