According to preliminary investigations, two Nicaraguan sisters aged 11 and 14 were murdered in Texas by their stepfather, of Salvadoran origin, who allegedly later took his own life.

New Segovia, November 05, 2018 |
                  The Nicaraguan girls María Fernanda and Isabel Pérez Aragón, ages 14 and 11, respectively, were murdered by their stepfather Víctor Portillo in a house in Harris County, Texas, where the aggressor also ended his own life.

The girls were daughters of Reyna Isabel Pérez Arróliga, originally from the municipality of Jalapa in the department of Nueva Segovia, who maintained a relationship with Portillo, a Salvadoran of approximately 45 years, and with whom they said they had strong arguments.


The double murder occurred in the house located at 3800 Silverhawk Drive in Harris County, Texas, E.E.U.U. Photo: Courtesy

Reyna Isabel had emigrated to the United States more than 20 years ago where she met her first partner Marcos Antonio López Acuña, of Nicaraguan origin, with whom she procreated her two daughters.

However, Marcos Antonio López suffered a tragic death on Holy Thursday 2012 at a gas station in Jalapa when he was hit by three bullets delivered by a subject who was captured by the police, without the crime's motive being disclosed.

The dawn of this Sunday, were the girls who suffered the tragedy when being killed by the Salvadoran, who supposedly did it after an argument with Reyna Isabel Pérez, who found the bodies and gave notice to the police.

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