Tragedy shook the film world: Mike Mitchell, bodybuilder and actor of Gladiator and Fearless, died

Everyone was shocked by the death of the Scottish actor, who was also a five-time fitness world champion and Mr. Universe.

Actor and bodybuilder Mike Mitchell, who starred in “Gladiator” and “Braveheart,” died. He was 65 years old.

Representative of Mitchell a He told TMZthat he died on a ship in Turkey on Friday. According to his family, his death was caused by natural causes, first no further details were given, and then theSun later wrote that Mitchell had died of a heart attack.

Mitchell’s representative remembered him in a statement as an actor, friend and “honest man”.

“It was very hard to believe… The sudden death of an international actor we managed, an honest man, a true actor, a true friend, a dear friend of mine deeply saddened us. It has always been an honor to be your manager. I wish patience to your wife, dear Denise Mitchell, and your children. ” His representative told the outlet. “Getting to know you and winning your friendship is invaluable. Sleep in the light. RIP. “

Mike Mitchell began his career as a bodybuilder. The Scottish actor a according to its website he was a five-time World Fitness Federation (WFF) champion and a two-time Mr. Universe winner.

He also competed in Britain’s Strongest Man.

He later demonstrated his incredible power on the screen. In addition to playing an important role in Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator,” in 2000, he performed stunt stunts in “Braveheart,” starring Mel Gibson, and featured, among other things, “One Day Moving,” “City of Hell,” and “Skyfall”In films.

According to a TMZ report, Mike Mitchell had a heart attack once in 2006 after winning his fifth World Cup title.

He also liked sailing, and when he wasn’t on a movie shoot right now, as a captain, he enjoyed being able to take guests to sea on the ship he owned.

According to his representative, Mitchellt is mourning his wife, Denise, and his children.


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