Tragic, Grade 6 student shocked to death on tour bus very hot friend car aircon not cold

Grade 6 students went on a field trip before graduation. Tell your friend that your chest is tight, ask to sleep and rest until you reach the point where you can’t wake up. The teacher helped pump the heart to the hospital. finally died friends confirm hot weather The air conditioner in the car is not cold.

Today (March 30), family and relatives have prepared a place in their home to wait for the body of Nai Nontakarn or Hedgehog, 18, a resident of Mueang District, Buriram Province, a Grade 6 student at a school in Mueang District, Buriram Province. .Buriram after dying on a tour bus during a field trip with teachers and students of the school on March 28th. in Chonburi The body is expected to arrive this evening.

The aforementioned death of Mr. Porcupine This caused a shock to parents and relatives, including the villagers in the village very much. because children are strong no congenital disease but came back to die unexpectedly

Inquiring about Mr. Nui (pseudonym), 18 years old, a friend of the deceased who traveled with the faculty said that he left Buriram province on March 27 at 10:00 p.m. on 2 buses with students and faculty. There were about 55 teachers together, and they sat in the same car as their friends.

before reaching Chonburi My friend said that I would like to sleep before any time to call too. So I’m not interested in anything. Until about 9:00 a.m. on March 28, went to wake up a friend but did not wake up. Unconscious, so I called the teacher to come and see. After that, several teachers helped to pump hearts and called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. and came to know that he died later

While Ms. Yui (pseudonym), a friend of the deceased said that they went on a field trip before graduating high school. The deceased was a roommate. As far as I know my friend has no underlying disease. but is someone who likes to get drunk Before that, a friend said that he was short of breath and drowsy. Admittedly, that time was very hot. but the air conditioner inside the car is not cold

Mr. Anek Jaramram, 45, the deceased father said that his son had no underlying disease. but is someone who likes to get drunk I’ve been with the school group many times and it’s never been a problem. But this time was very surprised. Personally, I would like to know what the cause of my child’s death was.

The body of the deceased has been sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine, the Police Hospital. to find the cause of death