Tragic Home Accident Claims Life of Infant in Colombia

According to national media, the little boy was taken out of his crib to take a walk around the house. However, this would be the worst decision of her parents, since apparently the baby was left alone without any supervision and in an oversight he pulled the cable from the refrigerator, which caused him an electric shock.

Despite the efforts of the boy’s relatives to take him to the local hospital, where doctors tried to revive him, he died.

The events occurred in a house, located in the Dos de Marzo neighborhood in the municipality of Sabanalarga, in the department of Atlántico. This is the sixth child to die in the Atlantic as a result of home accidents, so far in 2023.

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Don’t neglect your children

Although sometimes it seems unnecessary to remember it, it is not enough to emphasize the responsibility that falls on parents in caring for children. On different occasions little ones have ingested poisons, hallucinogenic drugs, gasoline, soaps, they have drowned in bathtubs or burned with pots and in this case, the 8-month-old boy was electrocuted.


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2023-05-31 13:41:29

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