“Tragic milestone”: One million corona deaths in the USA

Status: 05/12/2022 1:32 p.m

US President Biden speaks of a “tragic milestone”: Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than a million people have died of Corona in the USA. This makes the USA by far the worst affected country.

The USA was the first country in the world to cross the one million corona death mark. This was announced by US President Joe Biden. He called on the fight against the pandemic not to let up and “do everything to save as many lives as possible”. More tests, vaccines and treatment options are available for this than ever before.

In early February 2020, the United States recorded the first death from the corona virus on the west coast. In February 2021, the threshold of 500,000 deaths related to the virus was exceeded.

More than 82 million corona cases

With more than a million confirmed deaths, the US is by far the worst-hit country ahead of Brazil, India and Russia. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 82 million cases of infection have been officially recorded in the USA. However, experts assume that the number of unreported cases is high, since there were only a few test options available at the beginning of the pandemic and self-tests for at home are now widespread.

After a sharp decline in the number of infections from mid-January, the number of new infections in the USA has increased again in recent weeks, which is mainly attributed to the new subtype of the omicron variant and the lifting of the mask requirement.