Train claims the PSOE as the “best ally of the province” and its policies as “life insurance”

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The general secretary of the PSOE of Granada, José Entrena, has defended this Saturday that the PSOE is the “best ally of the province” and the policies of its governments are “life insurance for citizens”, at the same time that they have made two crises “an opportunity to face an energy, digital, labor transformation and improve territorial cohesion, while the only thing the right did was save the banks and now it is dedicated to dismantling public services”.

This was stated by the socialist leader at a meeting of the Provincial Committee of the PSOE of Granada held in Láchar in which, as reported by the party in a note, he remarked that the socialists, “aware that we must continue working because there are difficulties “, they have deployed “measures, plans and investments, in which no one beats us, to respond to the needs of all citizens without exception, who once again have demonstrated their ability to overcome difficulties.”

José Entrena has specified that, in addition, it is intended that families, middle and working classes and the economic fabric face the difficult global situation with “dignity, in the face of the absence of support policies from the Junta de Andalucía”.

The socialist actions, as explained by the Granada provincial leader, “have strengthened social policies and the local economy, have helped municipalities and productive sectors and have curbed the effects of inflation.”

Entrena has maintained that all this has been possible thanks to the work carried out by local governments, the “push” from the opposition, the Provincial Council, the Government of Spain and the Socialist Parliamentary Group as a whole, whom it has thanked his work during a year that has ended “with the lowest level of unemployment since 2008, despite the catastrophic omens of the PP in the economic sphere, especially”, as he added.

“The model of the right, which we have suffered here in Granada for four years since (Juanma) Moreno Bonilla is president” of the Junta, “is based on whoever can seek their lives, on unfulfilled promises and on confrontation,” as reported by Entrena, which added that this model “has not benefited families, workers, those who provide or receive public education, the unemployed or public health professionals and patients who wait days to be seen by their doctor or months to be treated by a specialist or enter the operating room”.

It is “a model of discrediting the public sphere and covert privatization”, as has also been criticized by the leader of the Granada PSOE, who, in response to this, has remarked that the objective of the socialists “is to continue making Granada a land with numerous attractions, powerful and emerging sectors, knowledge and enviable talent, and an extraordinary place full of possibilities”.

After defending that the Socialists have “fulfilled a very important part of the commitments made, despite the crises and vicissitudes experienced”, the also president of the Granada Provincial Council has stressed that he continues to complain to the Government of Spain and the Junta de Andalucía “pending” projects in the province.

“We are loyal but non-conformist by nature”, said the general secretary of the PSOE of Granada, who stressed that “we will not give up on our goal to fulfill our commitments and respond to the needs of the province”.

An extreme that for Entrena is “determinant” and that, “among many other issues, makes the PSOE a party that generates confidence and provides security”, as he has defended before maintaining that “people know that in hard times we have state and we are together with it by being the center of our political action”.

The PSOE starts from “a good starting point”

The socialist has highlighted, in the framework of this meeting of the Provincial Committee in which he has realized the management of the socialist groups in the General Courts, the Andalusian Parliament and the Provincial Council; the “good starting point” in which he, in his opinion, finds his training.

In this regard, he has defended that “we have reasons to go out and show again that the PSOE has a lot to contribute.” “We work so that no one is left behind and so that the right does not continue to cut public services, whitewash attacks on women’s rights or govern for the richest,” she listed.

In terms of elections, he stated that “we have the endorsement of the good management of the mayors and socialist councillors, with a deeply municipalist vision that knows the importance of fair local financing, with the lungs of the militancy and supporters, as well as the best male and female candidates”. “Men and women who have left their skin and who represent the lever of progress, successful candidacies and government”, she has abounded.

Entrain has indicated that the Socialists “we went out to win and revalidate all the mayoralties and to govern the Provincial Council, as well as to expand the results.” “Let’s make the public see the importance of voting for the PSOE and how our commitment to it extends to all cities and towns,” she asked to conclude.

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