Train from the Vatican to Castel Gandolfo

From the Vatican Museums and Gardens to the Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo, a unique travel opportunity to travel comfortably by train without waiting and waiting.

C. Rubini CTC, Vatican News

A unique opportunity to travel by rail from the Vatican Museums and Vatican Gardens to the Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo.

Pontifical Villas train service resumed every Saturday from March 18. The initiative is a collaboration between the Vatican Museums and the Italian State Railways.

All visitors who choose to book the “Vaticano in Treno” on the modern and comfortable electric train, avoiding traffic congestion and waiting, have exclusive access to the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Gardens, and the botanical and architectural marvels of the Pontifical Residence at Castel Gandolfo.

This train travel service is available till November 4. Tickets that include entry to the museum of the Apostolic Palace can be booked and purchased at