Dovetail announces the night Train Sim World 2, its new simulation railway, which is expected on PC, PS4 and Xbox One at the beginning of the month of August.

Train Sim World 2 shall enter in the station on August 6, 2020and make use of a motor SimuGraph updated for the occasion. The high-speed German will be in the game, since players will be able to experience it in the company of the ICE, on the Köln Schnellfahrstrecke. Also, they will be able to take control of the CSX on Sand Patch Grade for the first time on console, and direct the operation of the London Underground (subway) on the Bakerloo Line.

Train Sim World 2 : players expected at the station in early August

Dovetail we also announced that the customization will go even further than in previous episodes, since new tools will be made available to players, including the Livery Designer, who will create the engine of their dreams. On the engine side, the grip will now be taken into account. Thus, as a function of time, the players will feel a difference in the behavior of their trains. In addition, the information should gain in clarity at all levelsthis would allow improved access to the mode “external camera”. This is not the only change about the visuals, since a compatibility 4K is expected on all platforms. Paul Jackson, the founder and CEO of Dovetail Games said :

Since I became a fan of trains during my childhood, I always wanted to see the train, be a passenger, and even lead. Train Simulation is my way of doing all of this. Each time that we’re releasing a new title in the saga Train Sim, we make it more realistic. Train Sim World 2 is a huge step forward and I really hope that all the players will appreciate it as much as me.

To finish off with good news, the players who have Train Sim World will be able to recover their extensions and use them in Train Sim World 2, thanks to the functionality Preserved Collection.

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