The cabinet member for transport at Bournemouth has slammed the "militant" actions of union leaders over a series of railway strikes in recent months.

Cllr Mike Greene hit-out at the "misery and disruption" being caused to Bournemouth residents by RMT's actions.

Union members are planning to take industrial action on three Saturdays in November, following a long-running dispute with South Western Railway (SWR) over its plans to roll-out driver-only services.

Six strikes took place over the summer with both RMT and SWR officials calling for more talks on what they say.

Cllr Mike Greene said: "The RMT's unilateral action is causing tremendous disruption to our residents and to commuters."

A Planned Strike on Saturday, November 10, which would have coincide with England's rugby match at Twickenham has been called-off by the union.

Cllr Greene added, "It's quite clear that he's secretary general," Mick Cash, "Bob Crow, has come to the rescue of his militant predecessor." does about safety or improving the lot of his members.

"My advice on the leadership of the RMT would be simple: Causing misery and disruption to Bournemouth's residents is never going to win our support in your phoney fight.

Margaret Thatcher's reform of workforce arrangements to protect us from politically motivated bullies like you. "

RMT has said that its focus on the safety of people using the railway network.

Mr Cash said that "only a fool" would contemplate tampering with the use of guards.

"With surging demand, unmatched by rail capacity, overcrowding on trains and platforms is now endemic.

"The guard, working with their platform and driver colleagues, is the pivotal point in the safe management of the dangers presented at the passenger / train interface.

"Removing them, or downgrading their role, is a lethal gamble with passenger safety.

"Only a fool, or someone motivated solely by the bottom line on a balance sheet, would contemplate tampering with guards on Britain's crowded railways." And yet that's exactly what's happening. "

However, the strikes have caused widespread disruption across SWR's network which covers South and South West England.

The union has been approached to respond to Cllr Greene's comments.



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