Trains in Occitania : the political divisions turned upside down by the LGV

Trains in Occitania : the political divisions turned upside down by the LGV


Do not seek to unravel it with the old divisions of the sons of high-speed lines (LGV), Montpellier-Perpignan and Bordeaux-Toulouse, you’ll lose your latin !

let us Summarize : the regional chairperson Carole Delga launched a mobilization in favor of the two HSL, threatened to be erased from the map of the future building. His initiative is welcomed on both sides of the Front national from the right, which deems it “irresponsible on the part of the government have cancelled these two projects”. The opposition puts certainly the reservations of use… Julien Leonardelli (FN) speaks of “an awareness well late”. Joseph Francis (IDU) says not to feel the “will of the Region to bring this project really”.

Even the mayors of Montpellier and Béziers, each in their own way provocative, have shown their support… Robert Ménard, in the proper sense of the word, with posters placarded in the city representative, arm in arm, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. “It is the TGV which will unite the world”, can we read there.

Philippe Saurel, Montpellier, sought to rally to its side other mayors, even if you give hives to the socialist camp. “It was the flan, an operation of the com for we take speed, with mayors who are not funders, not to the height of the challenge,” quips the president of the group PS to the Region, Christian Assaf.

“Wrong arguments”

To these nuances, we might therefore think of the concorde, scope rail. But it is without counting on the New group world in common in the Region. EELV and the left Party (the PCF taking distance) have not tasted the mobilization pro-high-speed railway, “a scene not too badly made, which hides the fact that it is a manifestation of the elect more than popular, elected officials who only see the future by the large infrastructure projects”, critical to the regional councillor EELV Christian Dupraz.

It considers that its own majority use “false arguments to justify these lines, it is completely untrue, and extremely unnerving, to say that the LGV allow more TER”. EELV, radically opposed to the line Bordeaux-Toulouse in a long time, believes that “it is of the blindness.”

Dupraz disputes, especially if the Region is to defend both LGV and trains daily : “we Are told that we must not oppose them, but they want the butter, the butter’s money and I won’t tell you the result… no, we don’t have the means to do what one wants.”

Christian Dupraz agree with Nicolas Hulot

EELV has found an ally in the weight that he had lampooned these past few months… The government. “We joined the analysis of Nicolas Hulot” on the refusal of the LGV, observes Christian Dupraz. And as the case is complicated until the end, it is a support of the president Macron who challenges his choices. The mp LREM héraultais Philippe Huppé “hope that the government returns on its decision in looking to better the record.”

It is estimated that the “old Languedoc is a string of communities that have to be connected by the high-speed railway which will link Spain”, the nearby Latin. But from there, to find her latin…

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