Trams make the west of Graz mobile – city portal of the provincial capital Graz

When the first two trams of lines 4 and 6 in the direction of Reininghaus and Smart City leave tomorrow, Friday, November 26th at around 5 a.m., one of the largest Graz urban development projects in recent decades will be optimally connected to public transport in the Styrian capital.

“I would like to thank the neighbors along the new lines for their patience with the major construction sites. The commissioning of the two lines will now take place shortly after the residents move in and the settlement of shops as well as the start of childcare and educational facilities. After all, several thousand people will live, work and learn in the Reininghaus district and in the Smart City when it is completed, “said the Mayor of Graz Any Kahr. For Kahr, “Lines 4 and 6 are practically the backbone of the two districts in the west of Graz” and they are “a very important step in the city of Graz’s public transport.”

This was made possible not least by the cooperation of all those involved. Kahr: “My thanks go to everyone who has been involved in the planning, financing and construction work from 2019 since the planning decisions in 2013 and 2015.” Under the Graz City Planning Department, these were traffic planning, the road authority, those responsible in Holding Graz and the State of Styria.

The same way as Elke Kahr sees the mayor’s deputy and traffic officer Judith Schwentner the two new routes as an important step for public transport in Graz. The two politicians jointly emphasize: “This is just the beginning of an expansion campaign for the tram network”. Schwentner: “Next year the double-track expansion of line 5 to Puntigam will follow, then the city center unbundling and the completion of the double-track expansion of line 1 to Mariatrost”. Kahr and Schwentner name the south-west and north-west line as the next project.

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