Transavia aircraft cleared after landing at Schiphol | Inland

A Transavia spokeswoman said that flight HV6730 came from Seville. After landing, the 180 passengers were evacuated as a precaution.

A Transavia aircraft was on fire and was evacuated on Thursday morning.

A Transavia aircraft was on fire and was evacuated on Thursday morning.

Photos of that evacuation show how people stand next to the aircraft and walk over the wings. Several fire trucks from Schiphol have also been turned out.

The aircraft is on a carriageway of the airport. Other air traffic is not affected by the incident and other Transavia flights can continue as usual.


Schiphol says that the fire has been extinguished and the passengers are being taken care of. All 180 passengers and six crew members left the plane unscathed, the airline confirmed.

Transavia still has to investigate how the fire could have started. It is not yet clear who discovered the fire.

Brake disc

Aviation expert Benno Baksteen suspects that a brake disc has jammed, causing it to become hot and catch fire. That’s the most obvious option, he thinks. “What is also possible is that a tire has punctured, so that the tire next to it had to absorb everything. In any case, it is wise to evacuate in such a situation.”

The Dutch Safety Board will be present at Schiphol on Thursday for a preliminary investigation. It will be determined later whether there will be a follow-up investigation.

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