Transfer market: Bara’s problem with the ‘lazy’

En the Only they have a plan. The sports management and the coaching staff are clear about what they want to do, but they are aware that there are factors that will notably limit their scope for action. They know that the economic situation of the club is not buoyant and that it will be necessary to be imaginative to find solutions. So far, everything as planned.

The problem comes with Output Operation. It is essential to lighten the squad to remove the salary burden, obtain income and make room for signings. It is clear which footballers are not counted. Getting them out is something else.

Xavi: “There are untouchables in my head, but you have to see the situation of the club”

And it is difficult to leave a club like Only. In addition to being one of the greats in Europe and paying good salaries, it is normal for any new destination to seem like a small thing. A step back in a player’s career.

The footballers refuse to leave. Or at least to do it according to the conditions that the Barça entity wants. There are already a couple of cases that have had no problem saying publicly that they have no intention of moving. They have a valid contract and they know that this gives them strength in this situation.

It is the case of Martin Braithwaite y Miralem Pjanic. The former has only participated in five games this season (248 minutes). Not only for having spent a good part of the course injured. It is that it has not counted for the coaches who have passed through the bench this year. Still, the Dan insists that he doesn’t want to move. It cannot be said that he caught anyone by surprise. From day one he has insisted that he will be a long time in the Barcelona. In that he is convinced that he will end up succeeding … despite how little he plays.

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As Braithwaite defines himself: “I am physical, fast, strong and intelligent”

With the world around the corner and the warning from the Danish coach that if he doesn’t play, he can hardly go to Qatarthe striker will have to seriously think about his situation.

In the case of the Bosnian, he hopes to convince Xavi, with whom he has not been able to coincide as a technician. It would be something to value if it were not because the entity has already imagined some accounts without him in the team.


Sergio Dest It is another with which the Bara plans to obtain income. The posture of the footballer is not to move. He also believes that he may end up getting into the plans of Xavi. However, if the transfer dance begins and defenders come in, he will have to rethink if he wants to spend another year suffering to get minutes. With 21 years and a World Cup in sight, his position seems more like a starting point than anything else.


Another one that has been ringing for several summers to come out, but never does. He has one year left on his contract, so he can try to force himself to stay and then go free. He promises to get stuck.

Pjanic: “Everyone asked me what was going on… and I didn’t understand”


Another Classic of Operation Exit. Your high tab problem might have been solved with your recent renovation, in which his salary was lowered in exchange for having a longer contract. That will give the player a certain margin when looking for a team. He is ready to go, but not anywhere. And all this with the aggravation of his problem with injuries. The Only does not have it, but there is a real risk that, one more year, the problem will not be solved. With 90 official minutes played throughout the 21-22 seasonis aware that if he wants to feel like a footballer again, he must leave.