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Transfer to Bayern Munich? Leroy Sane lets reporters puzzle

Will Leroy Sané change to Bayern Munich? When asked this question by reporters, the ManCity star ends an interview. All transfer news.

  • FC Bayern Munich has expressed its interest in international Leroy Sané.
  • Leroy Sané still has a valid contract with Manchester City until 2021.
  • ManCity coach Pep Guardiola should not plan to play with the outside striker, according to media reports.
  • Does the English champion want at least 100 million euros for Leroy Sané?
  • Update from June 12, 6:58 pm: Leroy Sané and Bayern – it would be a perfect relationship for many fans. But does the kicker think about a change at the moment? Corresponding questions are the national player liver out of the way.

    In an interview in the mixed zone after the DFB game against Estonia on Tuesday evening, the Manchester City professional took refuge in non-binding phrases: "I'm going on vacation now. Everything else will be seen then. "

    As several reporters ask: "May Bayern hope so?" Responds Sané thin-skinned: "I think that's it" for the Bayern questions. With a "thank you!" He says goodbye to the mixed zone.

    "Can Bayern hope?" Sané breaks off interview because of transfer question

    Unlike Sané has currently Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge commented on a change of ManCity stars. He said that Sports picture: "A transfer is always a three-party business. First, the player has to decide where he sees his future. "

    According to information of the sheet Sané has not yet decided whether he wants to change to Bayern – or whether he remains in Manchester. The Sport Bild knows: "His family and his girlfriend Candice Brook will also have a say." His mother Regina Weber-Sané wants to have her son back in Germany. Leroys friend Candice, however, prefers a stay in England.

    Leroy Sané to Bayern? Would this FCB player be the big loser in the change?

    Update from June 11th, 3:27 pm:After Serge Gnabry had already spoken out for a commitment of Sané, now also Alphonso Davies commented on the possible transfer. Davies could be the big loser in a possible transfer and fear for even more minutes of use. But the Canadian says: "The bosses see something in Leroy, they see something in me. That's why they bought me. That's why they might buy it. I want to develop myself here. "The 18-year-old is not afraid of new competition:" If Leroy should come to us, I can learn a lot from him. He is a top winger for his club and for his country, "says Davies image and stays cool

    In the last six months, he learned mainly from Ribéry and Robben. "They are just incredible. Super player, even at this age, "Davies says of his former team-mates. After the departure of Robbery so now Sané could teach the youngster some tricks. "The young generation is good with us! KC – that's Kingsley Coman – and Serge, we're young, hungry to play and I'm sure everyone will have a chance to flower and shine in this club, "Davies says positively, not apparently afraid of Sané.

    Sané change to FC Bayern: New quote could give the rash and help the FCB

    Date of June 11: Before the next match against Estonia this evening, Oliver Bierhoff has now commented on the Leroy Sané staff. The youngster is courted by Bayern Munich. Again and again there is speculation about a transfer.

    Bierhoff says: "The Bundesliga would definitely do well if a player like Leroy Sane were here," said the DFB director at Sportbuzzer. "Leroy can prevail everywhere," he adds. Asked whether Bierhoff Sané would advise a change, the person in charge says cryptically: "It is important that they play at the highest level. Also, that they are used regularly. Every player gets better when he trains with top people and has to compete with top teams every week. "

    The DFB would therefore not be averse, Sané would soon kick back in Germany. Maybe that makes the transfer even more likely?

    Leroy Sane to Bayern Munich? FCB-Star wishes the youngster

    Update from June 10: For weeks, Leroy Sané has been talking to FC Bayern, and gradually comment on Sané's teammates to the change rumors. Bayern star Serge Gnabry, who is preparing for the European Championship qualifier against Estonia together with Sané, has now taken a clear position. The offensive player wants one of his national teammates to FCB, as he said at the press conference of the DFB team: "I would love him in my team, we also understand off the field very well." On the lawn would be the two friends but competitors.

    Video: Gnabry: "Sané would be an asset to Bayern"

    In the national team, they last played side by side. Also a scenario for Bayern? Gnabry is sure: "Leroy would help any team, it's a lot of fun to play with him. He would be an asset to Bayern. "Suppose Sané would actually come to the Säbener Straße, who would you like to see next season at the FCB?

    Leroy Sané to Bayern Munich? That's why Joshua Kimmich wants to get him

    Update of June 9, 2019: That the bosses of Bayern Leroy Sané only too happy to get to Munich, is well known. While the Munich and Manchester City are negotiating a change of the national player, some Bayern players have started a charm offensive in the national team.

    "I would absolutely like to have Leroy at Bayern," explains Joshua Kimmich openly to the Bild newspaper. The tabloid also wants to have learned that the title-hungry Kimmich sees Sané as a real reinforcement for Bayern. "Kimmich is considered one of the most ambitious footballers ever, wants to win the Champions League with all his might with Bayern. A transfer of a mega-star like Sané would be a powerful sign to the European competition. "

    As the Picture on Sunday Kimmich is currently "energetically trying" to make Leroy Sané a change to Bayern palatable. And with what arguments does Kimmich exactly try to lure his DFB colleagues to Munich? The Oktoberfest? The exclusive Maximilianstraße as a shopping mile for his girlfriend Candice? You do not learn anything specific. The BamS just says: "During training you often saw the two of them talking and joking together."

    FC Bayern München fighting for Leroy Sane – This woman decides to transfer poker

    However, the Bayern players like Kimmich, Niklas Süle, Leon Goretzka and Serge Gnabry, who have all played together in several youth national teams with Sané, are currently conspicuously often hanging out with the ManCity player: "When eating Sané currently sits often at Bayern. Leon Goretzka confirms to BamS that he often sat down next to the city pro when eating. "

    Also for Sané's career in the DFB team could be worth a change to Bayern quite, says the BamS: "As a member of the new, young Bayern axis, Sané's influence and reputation in the national team would rise again."

    On the other hand, there are in the national team but also his best buddy and ManCity teammate Ilkay Gündogan, who is currently trying to talk Sané out of a change to Bayern. Gündogan declares to the BamsHe is skeptical of the transfer rumors: "I talked a bit with Leroy. He did not seem to me that he really wanted to leave. The club does not necessarily want to give it up either. He has another two years contract, there is no cause for actionism. That's why I personally assume that Leroy stays – that would be nice too. "

    Even Julian Draxler, who is also considered a close friend of Sané, assumes that he still feels comfortable with ManCity. As the BamS but reportedly, Draxler should always welcome his buddy Sané in the DFB team hotel with the Bavarian motto "Mia san mia". Does Draxler really know more than he tells reporters?

    Leroy Sané to Bayern? These women talk with the transfer – News

    Update of June 8, 2019: According to a report, with regard to a transfer from Leroy Sané to FC Bayern Munich, everything is still open. The imageNewspaper reports on Saturday: "Sané himself is still undecided. The wires are hot in the background. "

    In the negotiations with the German record champion to both Sanes family and his management have a say. As the sports image announced last week, Sané wants to be advised in future by the management of former England star David Beckham. In addition to the Beckham people to be involved in transfer negotiations with FC Bayern Munich but also his parents Souleyman Sané and Regina Weber-Sané.

    According to information of image but ultimately two women could decide whether Leroy Sané will change to Bayern Munich or if he stays with Manchester City. The biggest influence on the national team should have his mother Regina and his girlfriend Candice Brook. But there is probably a problem: Sanés mother and his partner – the image referred to as "glamor girlfriend" – should have very different interests: Regina Weber-Sané would rather have her son back in Germany. His girlfriend, however, wanted to stay in England with Leroy and daughter Rio Stella.

    It will be interesting to see who ultimately has the greater influence on Leroy Sané. The Bayern fans should now hope that Leroy Sané is rather a mom-boy …

    Will Leroy Sané get more playing time at Bayern Munich?

    It's the hottest transfer rumor around FC Bayern Munich this summer. Get the Bayern Leroy Sané from Manchester to Säbener Straße? The 23-year-old has a contract with City until the summer of 2021. In the past season, his coach, Pep Guardiola, put on the outside positions but rather on Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva. Towards the end of the season, even Riyad Mahrez came in more often than the German international.

    Sané completed 31 games in the past Premier League season, but only 21 from the start. He scored ten goals and prepared ten goals. In the 2017/18 season there were still 27 start-up bets. Several offers about a contract extension with the Citizens rejected the wingers obviously already off, since he was not satisfied with its role under the Spanish start coach.

    Leroy Sané to Bayern? Hot transfer rumor

    That called FC Bayern on the plan, which dealt intensively with a commitment of the former Schalke. Finally, a gap must be filled in Munich after the departures of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben. "It's the way it's written in the newspaper. We are interested, "Hoeneß said in an interview SkyReporter Uli Köhler. "But the chance to get him is rather small." Similarly, it looks like Sadio Mané and Matthijs de Ligt.

    Several renowned football experts in Germany such as Lothar Matthäus, Matthias Sammer and Ottmar Hitzfeld were in favor of Sané's commitment. For Matthäus this would be a fantastic transfer, as Sané is one of the best wing strikers out there. Tricky, dangerous for goal, fast, usable on both wings and provided with a great future ". It would be "a win-win transfer" for all parties, wrote the former Bayern professional in his column sport.sky.de,

    Rummenigge surprised with statement to Sané change

    Bayern Munich's CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had already announced that sports director Hasan Salihamidzic will travel to England for a meeting. The Guardian reported on an offer in the amount of 80 million euros, the FC Bayern should have made the club responsible in Manchester. That would be exactly the pain threshold, which set the Bayern responsible ones. According to data from Daily Mail Bayern would have to put about 100 million euros on the table. So high is loud transfermarkt.de also the market value of the former Schalke.

    Uli Hoeneß gave further details: "I do not have exact numbers yet, but I think that the financial framework is very difficult," he said in an interview with the Sports picture, "The whole package is difficult," admitted the 67-year-old. And: "It's about sums, they're insane," he told the trade magazine kicker.

    FCB board member Rummenigge also surprised with a clear announcement: "We have not made an offer for Leroy Sané. It's not that far yet, "he said to the Sports picture, "First, the player has to decide whether he can imagine coming to Bayern. If that's the case, then we're going into concrete negotiations with Manchester City, "Rummenigge clarified.

    Kimmich and Süle welcome change from Leroy Sané to Bayern

    Anyway, current Bayern players would be happy about the striker's transfer. They made that clear in the DFB training camp in Venlo, the Netherlands. There, the German national team prepares for the upcoming tasks in the European Championship qualifier against Belarus and Estonia.

    After initially Niklas Süle spoke out for a purchase of Sané, Joshua Kimmich now again after and made a promise from: "I would like to Leroy absolutely happy at Bayern. That's the right signal. He is a player who fits in well with Bayern, "he said image, "He is a young, German player with great potential, who was not allowed to play at City – especially in the important games – which I personally can not understand," Kimmich continued. "I think he's up for it. And he plays with us! "

    Which players change to the Isar in the summer? We have summarized all transfer rumors in 2019 to Bayern Munich.


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