Transfers FC Barcelona – How much is Flamengo willing to pay for Ángelo?

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Barça have a preferential purchase option and right of first refusal on Ángelo Gabriel, the 18-year-old left winger for Santos FC. And, these last hours, there have been movements around the Brazilian jewel. Flamengo, which is the most financially solvent Brazilian club, has presented an offer of 12 million euros for 50% of its economic rights, since the ‘Peixe’ has valued it at 24 ‘kilos’.

And the Santos FC that presides over Andres Ruedaas it suffers treasury tensions, has accepted the offer of the carioca rubronegro that would be executed in three installments.

There is, yes, an agreement between clubs, However, now the player’s approval is missing, which does not seem like a simple bureaucratic process.

Ángelo Gabriel prefers to wait for the next hiring window and be able to make the leap to European football. He considers that it is not necessary to extend his stay in his Brazil, despite the fact that he would end up in the most powerful team on the continent, the current champion of the Copa Libertadores and that, despite the latest setbacks, comes out one more season as the favorite to win the big titles.

Barcelona came into contact with Santos in the last hours of the winter market to probe the incorporation of the skilful winger (his left foot has already been compared to that of Rivaldo in Brazil). The technical secretary was looking for options knowing that the injury that had occurred Ousmane Dembele in Montilivi it ​​was not short-lived… in fact, the Frenchman still does not have a date for his comeback. In the end, there was a consensus not to incorporate anyone to allow registration to the first team of Gavi who played with a subsidiary file.

Angelo also handled several Premier League deals. He has a very good poster in Europe where the scouts see him with the potential to become an important name in the medium term.

Barça, yes or yes, will have to take a definitive position with Ángelo, to whom it continues to monitor carefully: either it goes for it, or it will have to position itself in case some other offer arrives, which can already be given as insurance.