Transfers FC Barcelona | The unusual case of Julián Araujo at Barça

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The winger is not having an easy adaptation to Barça’s game system, and even more so without being able to compete

On the other hand, with the Mexico team, he has had minutes against Suriname and Jamaica

It is never easy to get to Barça and adapt to their game system when you come from a very different football. This is what is happening to Julián Araujo, who also has an added problem, that of not being able to compete while waiting for the resolution of the TAD after registering out of time (18 seconds) in the last transfer market.

The contradiction experienced by the Californian right-back is evident, because while at Barça he is learning the demanding concepts of the positional game and is running into difficulties, when there is a national team break, as is the case, he is adding minutes with the Mexico national team , which he chose after being part of the lower categories of the United States.

difficult dream but fulfilled

Araujo has always been happy to wear the Barça shirt, a dream come true since he started at the Barça Academy in Arizona. But no one escapes the hard blow that was not being able to register him on time, according to the Barça club due to a problem in receiving the documents not attributable to the Barça entity.

In any case, it would have needed a good time to mate as well. The ‘famous’ game of position, much more complicated than you might think and that requires you to be very quick mentally and in making decisions. Playing without the ball is as important as having it. His conditions are very interesting due to the explosiveness of his game and his offensive characteristics and in the club there is confidence in the 21-year-old footballer.

Julián Araujo, in a training session waiting to be able to play


Teachings of Rafa Márquez

He is completing many training sessions with Rafa Márquez’s subsidiary. His compatriot takes great care of him and teaches him tactical resources that he will greatly need when he can compete. He is patient, aware that he is a footballer with his sights set on the first team. In fact, Xavi Hernández has called him for more than one training session, and Araujo has been able to exercise alongside his idols and better cope with his situation.

Araujo undoubtedly feels more familiar with the game system of the Mexico team, led by Diego Cocca, but everything will also come at Barça, at least that’s how they want it at the club. With the Mexican ‘tri’ he already has five caps, the last two in this break. Halftime in the 0-2 victory in Suriname and the 2-2 defeat against Jamaica at the Azteca, both in the Concacaf Nations League.