Transfers – INFO MIDOL. Pablo Dimcheff (Bordeaux-Bègles) to Colomiers

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MIDOL INFO – Promising UBB hooker Pablo Dimcheff (23) should join Colomiers. After having succeeded in enlisting several players stamped Top 14, the club of La Colombe is about to hire the Girondin hooker.

Having moved to Mont-de-Marsan last season, the Argentinian stood out by scoring 4 tries at the end of the season. His potential allowed him to play five games with Bordeaux this year. He will try to continue his progress in Haute-Garonne.

This season, Pablo Dimcheff played five short games in Gironde before seriously injuring his knee. While he started on the lawn of Pau, the Argentinian suffered a rupture of the cruciate ligaments and has already finished his season.

Colomiers is very ambitious on the transfer market. While Dimcheff’s arrival is on track, USC has already secured the signings of Brett Herron, Michaël Simutoga, Martin Dulon and Rodrigo Marta. The transfer of the Portuguese was formalized this Thursday morning.

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