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Health Network reacts

Pierre Roisné, Executive Director of Réseau Santé Nouvelle-Ecosse, affirms that their organization was able to discuss this with Denise Latouf.

It specifies the organization’s position on the recognition of diplomas. According to him, this is a big issue, “especially given the current shortage of health professionals”.

The issue of the recognition of diplomas “is a crucial issue on which several organizations are working at the moment,” he underlines. He cites, for example, the efforts of the Economic Development Council of Nova Scotia (CDÉNÉ) in this regard.

Denise Latouf is not the only one to have lived such an experience. Pierre Roisné declares that the confusion is present “even at the level of professional orders: each order has its own regulations, which do not recognize all the diplomas or experiences of other provinces and this hinders the recruitment or integration of French-speaking health professionals. who wish to settle in Nova Scotia ”.

Pierre Roisné adds that he is disappointed by this type of situation “because Nova Scotia is a province that attracts and we have enormous needs in terms of bilingual health professionals in the communities”.

Réseau Santé Nouvelle-Ecosse aims to “improve access to health services in French for Acadians and Francophones in Nova Scotia”.

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