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“Transport” reiterated again, announcing the transportation of goods on the taxi price 20-100 baht will be collected only in the case of traveling “Suvarnabhumi – Don Muang” only. “Wheelchair – carry-on item, backpack – handbag” is not included in the cost of transportation. Darker, do not take advantage

Mr. Thani Suebrerk Deputy Director-General, Department of Land Transport And a spokesperson for the Department of Land Transport revealed that according to the announcement of the Ministry of Transport regarding other service rates In the case of hiring with a special service for passenger vehicles carrying no more than seven passengers (TAXI-METER) registered in Bangkok 2020,

Effective 17 Nov.

Has set the luggage carrier rate With limited use of taxi services from Don Mueang Airport Or Suvarnabhumi Airport Or employment from other places to Don Mueang Airport or Suvarnabhumi Airport only And is effective from 17 Nov 2020 onwards

As for the use of taxis, general urban routes that do not have origin or destination to both airports. There will be only the fare according to the normal fare gauge. There is no additional charge for luggage.

Can only collect money “Suvarnabhumi – Don Mueang” only

In this regard, baggage according to the aforementioned Ministry’s notification means goods, items, equipment, tools, appliances in a box, bag, bundle or package And that is not packed, but has dimensions, volume, width, height that is more than a carry-on With details on service charge rates Which the driver must inform the service fee for the passengers in advance before making the contract every time as follows

1. Large luggage or large suitcases With a width, length, or height on either side of more than 26 inches, a service fee of not more than 20 baht per piece

2. Small luggage or small suitcase That are not larger than 26 inches in width, length or height on either side, but multiple pieces To charge the service fee from the third piece or more at the rate not exceeding 20 baht per piece.

3. Sports equipment such as golf bags, bicycles, windsurfing or musical instruments. Which size is 50 inches and over, the service fee is charged at the rate not exceeding 100 baht per piece

4. In case the baggage is a product, equipment, tools, appliances in the box And that does not contain a box But are bundled or bundled together Which sizes over 50 inches are billed at the boxed rate Bundle or package, not more than 100 baht per piece

In which to measure the size of the baggage Wheels or mobility aids are not included, such as a suitcase with wheels, only the dimensions of the luggage, excluding wheels.

Wheelchair – carry-on Not charged as baggage charge

In addition, additional charges will not be charged for the baggage that is a wheelchair or a device for the disabled, the elderly or the sick, such as a wheelchair, cane, including carry-on luggage In the care of passengers during the journey, such as handbags, computer bags, backpacks, with the Department of Land Transport coordinated the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited or AOT to publicize the details of taxi service and baggage service rates for passengers at Need to use the taxi service, know before using the service.

Hmm, chauffeur, don’t take a chance.

Deputy Director-General, Department of Land Transport Concluded that Requesting taxi drivers to comply with the Ministry’s announcement And strict safety requirements for service And realize the importance of providing good service It is strictly prohibited to take advantage of passengers. To build confidence among the people

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