Transport Minister Wissing promises sufficient money for Deutsche Bahn

BERLIN | Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) assures that the announced modernization of Deutsche Bahn cannot fail due to financial bottlenecks.

The infrastructure in Germany is “unsatisfactory in every respect,” Wissing told ZDF’s “Heute-Journal Update” on Wednesday. In addition to desolate motorway bridges, the railway network must be “fundamentally modernized”. “We’re really getting started now,” he said.

With regard to the financing of the modernization, which will cost billions, Wissing is committed: “The necessary financial means will be made available for this, this has also been agreed with the finance minister.” The upgrading of the railway is now a top priority, according to the FDP politician. “We need more investment in our infrastructure. And they will come now.” Delays, canceled trains and standing freight trains – none of this can and will not stay the same, Wissing promised.

With a steering group in the ministry, the minister wants to ensure that the interests of the citizens are “consistently enforced” against the railway board and the supervisory board. There are good role models in terms of renovation and punctuality. In Austria, the train is “more punctual, and we want that to be the case in Germany,” says Wissing.

On Wednesday morning, the minister and rail boss Lutz specified their plans for a “general renovation” of the most important sections of the route from 2024. This is about ten percent of the entire network, on which around 25 percent of all trains are already running. It is planned that in the future all construction work will be bundled in a route corridor from the track to the platforms to the signals and signal boxes and completely renovated, if this is necessary. So far, the renovation has been carried out primarily depending on the condition and age of the systems. According to Bahn, the previous procedure was not customer-friendly.

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EVN / dts news agency | Photo: DB AG / Volker Emersleben