Transport: one hour to go to Colomiers

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With the works and the new summer timetables, the Blagnac-Colomiers journey is getting longer and longer by public transport. Moreover, no direct line exists between the two municipalities in western Toulouse.

Following the increase in Tisséo fares, bus and tram users also mentioned increasingly long journeys to travel from Blagnac to Colomiers. “I take the L 2 to go to the aeronautical industrial zone in Colomiers”, explains a Blagnacais. “There should be a Linéo every 9 minutes, but the punctuality of this line is no longer respected! I often wait for this bus between 12 and 15 minutes. Even the tram is not so punctual… We are obliged to ‘waiting 10 minutes whereas before, there was a tram every 6 minutes. I spend an hour and a quarter every day in transport”.

The summer period is often conducive to carrying out road development and renovation work to limit inconvenience. This is what Tisséo says to explain the bus and tram delays. “Works on the Linéo 2 route are impacting traffic, causing many delays”, confirms the Toulouse transport company. “Between June 13 and August 26, works on the Boulevard du Général de Gaulle in Colomiers require the removal of two stops “Salle Gascogne” and “Val d’Arran”. Temporary stops are positioned on the Allée des Pyrénées. other works in progress from July 19 to August 19 mean that the “Négogousse” stop is no longer served”.

Tisséo also adapts its summer hours. The frequency is therefore lower for L 2, i.e. every 15 minutes. The tram has also switched to summer timetable.

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A study in progress

Moreover, it is impossible by taking public transport to get to Colomiers without going through the center of Toulouse.

Although there is currently no direct link between the two cities, a study is underway in the north-west sector to improve the link to Colomiers and Blagnac, particularly from Cornebarrieu. “A project for a Colomiers station-Cornebarrieu link is planned for September 2023 with bus connections”, adds Tisséo. “Ultimately, it is the third metro line project that will make it possible to effectively reach these two cities. The airport platform does not allow an efficient bus connection to be envisaged”.