Transport strike, trade unions: ‘Membership up to 100%, now the contract’ – Chronicle

“Metro closed in major cities such as Milan, Rome and Naples and an average participation of 90% with peaks of up to 100% in some locations, including drivers and staff in charge of both urban and extra-urban buses”. This was jointly reported by Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti, Faisa Cisal and Ugl autofferrotranvieri regarding the national strike in local public transport lasting 24 hours for the renewal of the contract. “Faced with this high turnout, an institutional meeting is even more necessary”, they say, and “after two strikes it is no longer possible to postpone the solution of the problem”.

“This is a very high level of participation, demonstrating the need for male and female workers to see the national contract for autofferrotranvieri – internavigatori (mobility area) renewed with the relative adjustment of wages and working conditions”, affirm the trade unions. “Faced with this high participation in the protest for the renewal of the ccnl – they underline – the convocation in the institutional setting is even more necessary, in the presence of all the subjects involved in the negotiation which for many months has not recorded progress due to the unavailability of the employers’ associations Asstra, Agens and Anav to address and resolve existing critical issues “.

Landini, public transport service for 7 years without a national contract – “Today there is a strike by local transport workers, who have been without a national contract for seven years. It is clear that, from this point of view, the economic and financial situation, the very story of the war in Ukraine, brings to increase the differences. So it is clear that, in a moment like this, the government needs to listen more to the social partners and that there are also places where this confrontation, this discussion can be held “. This was stated by the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, on the sidelines of the meeting with the students of the Marie Curie Institute in Naples.

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