Travel abroad: the opinions of the FPS Foreign Affairs will now be updated on Wednesday

A change to allow Belgians to organize themselves for a possible return at the weekend.

LThe travel advisories listed on the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs, and which are updated once a week, will now be on Wednesdays and no longer on Fridays, Foreign Minister Philippe Goffin announced on Saturday.

This change aims to allow Belgians to organize themselves for a possible return at the weekend. “This is a specific request from the tourism sector. In a context that is already complicated for some, it is essential to leave a little more latitude ”, specifies the Minister.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also explains that when an area changes from orange to red, a period of 48 hours is left to travelers to allow them, if they wish, to return to Belgium with the maintenance of the conditions of an orange zone (quarantine and tests strongly recommended). “It is a decision which will allow people to better organize themselves both for their return to school and for their professional life,” said the minister, who assures us that “during this period of 48 hours, no SMS will be sent if the return takes place effectively during this period ”.

Philippe Goffin finally recalls that anyone who travels more than 48 hours outside Belgium must complete the “Public Health Passenger Locator Form” (PLF). These forms are available in various strategic places as well as on the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs.


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