Travel diary #2: the fans are ready

CHRONIC. A little harder to play tourists on a game day. But walking around TD Station, you can spot loyal Cataractes fans even 3-4 hours before the first game.

This is the case of Jean Gervais and his friend Caroline Descôteaux. Mr. Gervais hit the 8-hour drive on Tuesday, and he leaves immediately after the meeting for Shawinigan.

“I couldn’t miss this! I work Thursday, but I return to Saint John Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Cats and hockey have been embedded in me for a long time! »

With a touch of humor, Jean Girard claims to have had the president’s haircut following the victory of his favorites.

My last question for him… Will he get the memorial haircut if the Cats win? ” Good idea! And it will be shaved hair. I agree with you! »

I also ran into Nicolet-Bécancour MP Donald Martel. He has family ties to 20-year-old defenseman Zachary Massicotte. “We will win, but it will not be easy. There will be many goals. In my opinion, it will end 6-4. »

And, there are the long-time fan-club members. A month ago, Line Marcouillier and Roger Désaulniers who booked their tickets for the Memorial Cup a month ago. Mr. Désaulniers had a good feeling. The couple have taken up residence at a campsite in Saint John for the duration of the tournament, regardless of the outcome of their favorites. When you eat hockey, you eat it!

Good game!