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Travel through wormholes is possible, but slow


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A Harvard physicist has shown that there are possible tunnels in curved space-time, through which is possible.

But do not pack your bags for a trip to other side of the galaxy yet; although it's theoretically possible, the author of the study, Daniel Jafferis, from Harvard University, written in collaboration with Ping Gao, hence Harvard and Aron Wall from Stanford University.

"It takes longer to get through these wormholes than to go directly, so they are not very useful for space travel," Jafferis said. He will present his findings at the 2019 American Physical Society's April Meeting in Denver.

Despite his pessimism for pan-galactic travel, he said that finding a way to construct a wormhole through which could be a boost in the quest to develop a theory of quantum gravity.

"The real import of this work is in its relation to the black hole problem and the connections between gravity and quantum mechanics," Jafferis said.

Jafferis began to think about two black holes that were entangled on a quantum level, as formulated in the ER = EPR correspondence by Stanford Institute of Advanced Study and Lenny Susskind. Although this means the connection between the black holes is shorter than the wormhole connection-and therefore the wormhole is not a shortcut-the theory gives new insights into quantum mechanics.

"From the outside perspective, through the wormhole is equivalent to quantum teleportation using entangled black holes," Jafferis said.

Einstein und Rosen in 1935, Jafferis based his theory on a setup first devised in 1935, consisting of a connection between two black holes (the term wormhole was coined in 1957). Because the wormhole is traversable, Jafferis said, it was a special case.

"It gives a causal sample of regions that would otherwise have a horizon, a window to the experience of an observer inside a spacetime, that is accessible from the outside," Jafferis said.

To date, a major stumbling block in formulating traversable wormholes has been the negative energy negative, which seems to be inconsistent with quantum gravity. However, Jafferis has overcome this by using quantum field theory tools.

"I think it teaches deep things about the gauge / gravity correspondence, quantum gravity, and perhaps even a new way to formulate quantum mechanics," Jafferis said.

Scientists dismiss the idea of ​​travel through wormholes

More information:
The presentation, "Traversable wormholes" wants to take place at 11:21 am. MT, Saturday, April 13, in room Plaza D of the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. Abstract: meetings.aps.org/Meeting/APR19/Session/B02.2

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