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Traveling abroad costs 40% less in dollars than in May

Until recently, it was rare to get a ticket from Mendoza to international destinations for less than US $ 1,000 and we had to wait for special dates, such as the Travel Sale or the Hot Sale, to access rates that were hardly lower than US $ 800.

However, tickets can now be purchased for less thanand US $ 450 to travel to Brazil or the Caribbean, which represents a discount of more than 40%, in addition to direct flights.

The rise of the dollar generated a retraction of the demand of this type of trips and motivated that many opted for national destinations.

It is that beyond the difference in the price of the passage also it is necessary to contemplate other expenses and generally the flights to the outside are bought with a certain advance, but the future quotation of the North American currency offers a scene of uncertainty.

Hence, airlines have begun to offer promotions to encourage the decision of travelers.

Sergio Sánchez, of Huarpe Travel and Tourism, He pointed out that some companies have made offers, especially the new ones, that provide direct international flights from Mendoza. And he estimated that it is linked to that, when the price of the dollar went up, sales fell and with these promotions it seeks to recover the movement.

The most attractive prices, he said, are those of destinations andn The Caribbean, such as Mexico and Punta Cana, for which tickets can be obtained for less than US $ 500.

Sanchez indicated that the rates were never so cheap, since in low season, for these same places, the ticket ranged between US $ 800 and US $ 900, while, with special promotions, They could reach US $ 600.

Anyway, stressed that these prices are to fly until November, while from December, when the high season begins, the amounts already present a significant variation. Regarding the response from customers, he considered that it is quite good, because they have returned to be accessible values ​​for a certain sector.

The president of the Mendocina Association of Travel Agencies, Pablo García, coincided in that much more marked promotions have appeared than in other low seasons. Hence, rates are obtained from US $ 400 to Brazil, in addition to direct flights from Mendoza, and even, recently, of US $ 700 to Miami.

In fact, said that colleagues have asked what offers may arise for the Travel Sale, which starts on Monday and runs until Sunday September 2, because they believe that it is no longer possible to offer cheaper tickets.

To remember, lto the Argentine Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Companies, and the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce ensure that those who buy online tickets during those days will have access to discounts between 25 and 60%.

Nevertheless, García was not so optimistic with the result of these actions, since it raised that in any case there has been a sustained decline in sales of international flights in recent months and 40% in August compared to July.

On the other hand, he commented that the airlines launched prices of $ 500 pfor cabotage flights, which is why many people have already set up their trips in Argentina. He added that before, a passage of US $ 1,000 was more accessible than a passage of US $ 700 now.

Some prices

Despegar offers a special beach, for roundtrip flights, with final prices of $ 14,566 to Cancun and $ 14,481 to Punta Cana, departing from Mendoza. Also of $ 6,344 to Salvador de Bahia, $ 7,452 to Fortaleza or $ 8,467 to Recife, departing from Córdoba. Also, from $ 7,995 to Navegantes, from $ 9,178 to Rio de Janeiro or $ 9,861 to Florianópolis, the three departing from Buenos Aires.

Copa Airlines has direct flights from Mendoza to Cancun for $ 14,813, to Punta Cana for $ 14,728, to Aruba for $ 14,760 and to San Andrés Island for $ 16,898. Also to Miami for $ 25,408. "Every year there are new challenges.

In 2018, the Latin American currencies are weakened in relation to the dollar and, added to this, the price of oil has been constantly rising, so the market is more dynamic, reacting to the new reality, "said Gustavo Esusy, manager of the company for Mercosur.

In Latam, the destinations of the month are Colombia and Ecuador. The first can fly from US $ 499 ($ ​​13,999), starting from Buenos Aires, and the second from US $ 616 ($ 15,648). It also offers discounts from 10% to 47% to travel to Peru, so you can go to Cusco for US $ 234 ($ 6,599). Brazil is another option, with rates starting from US $ 403 ($ 10,240).

More passengers

From January to June of this year the number of international passengers that left from Mendoza increased 24%. The average for the interior of the country was 32%, while the growth in Aeroparque and Ezeiza reached only 5%. The data comes from a report prepared by the Argentine Air Navigation Company (EANA) and the travel portal

Also, in June, when the impact of the increase in the value of the dollar was already evident, the volume of passengers that went abroad from Mendoza grew 13%. The increase in demand can be explained by the incorporation of direct flights or connections to international destinations, as well as the launch of promotional rates.

The survey shows that 50% of the demand for flights from Mendoza are to Miami, Cancun, Santiago de Chile and Madrid.

And the route that had the greatest annual increase in the number of passengers was Mendoza-San Pablo.

New "low cost" for the Mendoza – Buenos Aires route

The first week of September, the low cost Norwegian Air will start selling tickets that will allow Mendoza to fly once a day to Buenos Aires, starting in mid-October. Although there are still no details on the rates or the services available, they advanced that there will be different options according to the ticket that is chosen.

The Norwegian airline began operating in Argentina at the beginning of the year with an international route, which connects Buenos Aires with London four times a week. In October it adds two cabotage routes, linking Aeroparque with Mendoza and Córdoba, and they are evaluating adding connections with other cities in the interior.

The CEO of the company announced that on Tuesday, September 4 they will be able to start acquiring these tickets, to fly from mid-October.

But still they do not have precisions on which will be the price of the tickets, although they advanced that there will be different tariffs according to the benefits.

The national government granted 152 routes to Norwegian Air, 80 international and 72 domestic, among the first could directly link Mendoza with Miami.

In this way, the people of Mendoza will have four options to fly to Buenos Aires. Airlines and Latam are offering important promotions since the minimum rates were eliminated, to compete with the low cost Andes Líneas Aéreas and Flybondi.


Good semester In the first semester, 50% of the demand for flights from Mendoza went to Miami, Cancun, Chile and Madrid. The route to San Pablo was the one that grew the most in the semester.

Cusco, the cheapest. You can get to know Peru for 234 dollars. Cusco and Lima are presented as the cheapest options to travel abroad direct from Mendoza.

Discounts This Monday 27 a new edition of the Travel Sale that promotes the Argentine Federation of Travel Business Associations. There will offer very aggressive offers to travel abroad.


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