Traveling abroad: Where can you go? (INFOGRAPHY)

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In addition to Slovenia, Latvia and Estonia also restricted the entry of Czechs into their territory due to the increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus. While Latvians require a mandatory 14-day quarantine of Czechs upon arrival in the country from 3 July, Estonians introduce this obligation on 7 July. Quarantine in both Baltic republics cannot be replaced by a negative test for COVID-19.

The Czechia applies a so-called traffic light, where it evaluates countries according to the degree of risk of coronavirus infection. Only in high-risk countries do Czechs have to prove a negative test on their return or go to a 14-day quarantine. Of the European Union countries, only Sweden remains in the category of high-risk countries.

The government’s “traffic light” is a list of “safe countries to travel” divided into three categories (low, medium and high risk of infection). The “traffic light” falls under the administration of the Ministry of Health and is regularly updated according to developments in individual states.

In the event that states restrict entry into their territory, travel will be governed by the conditions of the other party. These are crucial for planning a holiday, and an overview of such conditions is provided in the interactive map below.

How is it in practice

The number of countries that can be traveled without problems can therefore be smaller than indicated by the government-published “traffic light”. This in itself does not show how strict the regime is at the borders of other countries in the world. But from the point of view of travel, such information is crucial.

The world travel map below shows which countries in the world Czechs can go to so far (note: infographics are not displayed in the E15 mobile application). The source of information is the signpost of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In case of uncertainty about the current situation, the institution recommends following the statement of the relevant embassies of the Czech Republic in the given country.

The infographics show the conditions under which you can travel to the countries shown. Green indicates the absence of restrictions, orange warns of additional obstacles. For example, the need to undergo tests for COVID-19. To pan the map, select ✥ from the tool menu on the left.

Traveling outside the EU

The issue of travel outside the EU is still under discussion. According to European ministers, a common position should be adopted at European level.

The release of travel has so far affected EU countries, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. The Union’s external borders remain closed, but the Member States have agreed that their gradual opening to countries with a good epidemiological situation could begin in July.

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Where can we (not) travel?


You can travel without restrictions.

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Travel without restrictions.


Travel without restrictions.


From June 29 without restrictions.

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Without limits. Upon entering the country, tourists may be subjected to a random test for COVID-19. From 1 July, direct international flights to local tourist destinations will be possible.


Upon arrival, all you have to do is fill in a form that provides personal information and answers a few questions about COVID-19. No test is needed. RegioJet has also prepared a direct train connection.

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There is no need to prove negative with COVID-19 or to undergo quarantine. Tourism is allowed, at the airport passengers are checked using thermal cameras.


Without limits.


Cyprus has reclassified the Czechia from category A, which are countries from which passengers do not have to submit a negative coronavirus test upon arrival, to category B. Czechs, together with passengers from other countries, will have to prove themselves with a maximum three-day-old negative test from 6 July. The revised categorization of states has been published by the Cypriot Ministry of Health, the in-cyprus website informed.


On 3 July 2020, the country changed the epidemiological assessment of the Czech Republic, Croatia and France. It has removed these countries from the Green List of Safe Countries. From Tuesday, July 7, it returns the Czech Republic to the list of safe countries, with the exception of the Moravian-Silesian Region. The inhabitants of northern Moravia, together with the Croats and the French, must be quarantined for 14 days after arriving in the country, unless proof of residence is provided. Read more information here >>>


For Czech citizens without restrictions.


On Friday, July 3, 2020, Latvia changed the epidemiological assessment of the Czech Republic, which it removed from the list of safe countries. From this date, Latvians require Czechs to undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in the country.


From Monday, July 6, 2020, Czechs who arrived in Estonia must be quarantined. They will not avoid it even in the case of a negative test for coronavirus.

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