Traveling despite Corona: Compulsory testing for Brits in the Balearic Islands

Status: 06/28/2021 11:12 a.m.

Because of the dangerous Delta variant, British travelers will have to present a negative PCR test in the future if they want to go on holiday to Mallorca. Portugal is also tightening the rules.

By Reinhard Spiegelhauer,
ARD-Studio Madrid

The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has responded to demands from hoteliers and the island government of Mallorca. British travelers will have to present a negative PCR test in the future if they want to vacation on the island.

The new regulation for the Balearic Islands is to be published tomorrow and actually applied after 72 hours. Sanchez justified this with the fact that the tour operators wanted to be given the opportunity to adapt to the changed regulations.

Specifically, the same regulations should apply that already apply to travelers from risk areas in the EU: For entry, they must either present a negative PCR test result, proof of complete vaccination or proof of recovery.

Portugal is also tightening entry rules

The British government, in turn, will put the Balearic Islands on the green list of countries where returnees do not have to be quarantined from Wednesday morning. Therefore, a rush of British tourists is expected on the islands. Since the mandatory test only applies in 72 hours, numerous British tourists could come to the Balearic Islands beforehand without being tested.

In addition, the regulations should only apply to trips to the Balearic Islands until further notice. Otherwise, the British can continue to travel to Spain without any restrictions, although the proportion of the dangerous Delta variant in Great Britain is very high. For this reason, Germany had classified the United Kingdom as a virus variant area weeks ago.

The recent massive increase in the number of infections and the spread of the Delta variant in Portugal is also associated with British vacationers – although Portugal required a negative corona test upon entry. As of today, British visitors to Portugal have been quarantined for 14 days.


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