Travis Scott returns to live performances with ten million HUF concert tickets

Last November, hundreds of people were injured and ten people were trampled to death at a concert by the super-popular rapper Travis Scott at the Astroworld festival. Since then, Scott has avoided the public and has not performed live. After nine months, the time for his comeback has just arrived, 20,000 people were curious about his concert at the O2 Arena in London at the weekend. They also announced the first comeback concert in America, namely in Las Vegas at the exclusive nightclub called Zouk.

Basically, Zouk has a reputation for being quite an expensive place, even on weekdays, even without an extra performer, the entrance fee is 100 dollars, and you have to shell out 2000 to reserve the cheapest table, which is almost HUF 800,000. However, even in comparison, the rapper’s return concert operates with extreme ticket prices, causing considerable consternation among fans.

The entrance fee to the classroom is 27,000 dollars (approx. 10 million forints), and the cheapest “to the back wall” ticket costs 7,000 dollars (approx. 2.5 million forints).

If you don’t like such fringe places, but you like Travis’ music, instead of the party in Vegas, watch the famous virtual Fortnite concert, where the rapper performed in front of 27 million viewers within the popular online game. For free.