Travis Scott spotted with Michael Jordan and Saïd Taghmaoui after the Astroworld tragedy

A little over two weeks after the tragedy Astroworld, Travis Scott was finally seen in public. The drawn features, the hollow mine, the artist went to the side of Palm Springs to relax with a few friends.

Travis Scott, drawn features

It appears that Travis Scott has planned to keep a low profile sometime after the disaster Astroworld, having claimed 10 victims and more than 300 injured.

His collaborations with Nike and Dior potentially gone by the wayside, his mixtape Utopia possibly postponed indefinitely, Travis will have to deal in the short term with the many lawsuits brought by the victims of his festival. It would be a question of damages that could cross the $ 3 billion mark, even though several lawyers agree that Scott will see the lawsuits launched against him be dropped.

The fact remains that La Flame, discreet since the tragedy, therefore reappeared near Palm Springs, surrounded by Mark Wahlberg, Michael Jordan but also Saïd Taghmaoui. Taghmaoui having shared a snapshot of the past moment with the rapper, snapshot since deleted.

Travis fans are hinting that he left Houston long enough to reunite with Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi in California. The couple are expecting their second child in 2022.

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