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Treasury "threatens" SMEs and freelancers to declare all their income

The Treasury is watching. This seems to be the message that the Tax Agency (AEAT) has wanted to send SMEs and self-employed in recent days with an information campaign in which has sent "thousands" of letters to these groups in which it warns them that it has the "information of the total entries and exits of all the taxpayers' bank accounts".

From the AEAT they assure that it is about purely «informative» letters who have been sending professionals for three years to inform them of their obligation to declare all their income. The warning is given in three phases, first the letters are sent, then «In some cases» visits are made to request information and then inspections are made in which they observe more inconsistencies in the data.

But what is the first time the Tax Agency does is to put figures in these letters. Those who receive them can read that the data available to the Treasury «Can be used as a sign of fiscal risk», according to the text, if it reveals «inconsistencies between the information available and the income statements of the economic activity or the VAT declaration». The novelty in this case is that in the document to which this newspaper has had access, Hacienda Plasma the average of the economic sector to which this legal entity belongs and compares it with the figures declared with the taxpayer.

Moreover, it also indicates the amount that this taxpayer has in their bank accounts. Based on these data, the Treasury indicates that it has carried out "statistical analyzes concerning the economic and sectoral ratios of the taxpayers of certain economic sectors".

Model of one of the letters that the AEAT is sending to SMEs and freelancers.
Model of one of the letters that the AEAT is sending to SMEs and freelancers. / RC

For all this, the president of ATA (Association of Autonomous Workers), Lorenzo Amor, denounces that "it is not an informative letter", but that it is clearly a "threat", something that is causing a "huge anger" among the self-employed, who have mobilized with a multitude of calls showing their "doubts" and "bewilderment".

The collective is being "pressed"

Amor is in agreement with the "bottom line" of the letter, since it defends that it is necessary to fight tax fraud and prosecute the person who defrauds, but shows its opposition to the way it is being done, since it does not make a distinction And it seems that he is clearly telling the recipient of the letter that he is declaring less than he should.

Thus, stresses that "each autonomous, each small business, each SME is their father and mother, has its own idiosyncrasy," noting that some have more expenses than others, some sell a lot by card and others have no POS, some reside in large cities and others in small towns … and, nevertheless, the Tax Agency sends to all the national average of a sector «Without distinction», when there are also sectors that are very broad, he points out.

The president of ATA warns that pressure is being placed on a group that in many cases is suffocated, fiscally and in quotations. And send a message to the Treasury: send these letters also to those who are selling on the street without declaring anything at all. "I would tell the Treasury to start there, for those who sell in the lampposts," he concludes.

Notices for rentals, rentals abroad and cryptocurrencies

This massive sending of letters has been during this month of May. In addition to these letters, the AEAT has already announced that during this campaign the Income would send notices of different types to "millions" of taxpayers. For the first time, he has sent a letter to 14,700 companies and individuals reminding them that their operations with cryptocurrencies they generate capital gains that must be included in box 389 of the income tax return.

In addition, the number of warnings for rents generated in other countries has doubled, reaching 2,170,000 taxpayers, compared to 1,380,000 reported last year. This increase is due to the fact that the number of sources of information that the Treasury has in other countries has grown, especially after the incorporation of the CRS system that includes countries beyond the OECD.

But the ads that have increased the most in this campaign are those destined to taxpayers with income from rentals of homes, which of the 258,000 ads last year almost tripled the figure to 700,000 this year. The 'boom' of increasing these messages is due mainly to the new regulations that affect platforms such as Airbnb to provide the Treasury with the information of houses that have rental on their website.

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