Treasury warns of false WhatsApp or Telegram messages to deceive taxpayers

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The Tax Agency has warned taxpayers not to attend WhatsApp or Telegram calls or messages that identify themselves as thistax agency, since these are attempts to deceive the declarants taking advantage of the current Income Campaign, which ends on June 30.

The Tax Agency reminds taxpayers that they can only call them in relation to theIRPF campaignif a previous appointment has been previously requested through any of the channels available for it.

Specifically, it specifies that when it is addressed to a taxpayer it will “exclusively“through these telephone numbers: 910 506 310, 914 539 197 and 917 618 662.

Therefore, he recommends incorporating these phone numbers into the phonebook to identify calls from the Tax Agency, and asks not to answer calls from other phone numbers, hidden calls or messages in mobile messaging applications such asWhatsApp, Telegramor others, in which they identify themselves as the Tax Agency in relation to the Income Campaign.

“Ignore it, because I’m surethey are trying to trick you “, the Tax Agency warns in a message ‘posted’ on its website.

Taxpayers can request from May 5 the‘We call you’ planof the Tax Agency, so that the agency calls them and they can prepare their 2019 Income Tax returns, for which the telephone service has been reinforced.

In this way, taxpayers who want the Tax Agency to call them to prepare the Income statement can make their request for an appointment byInternet, through the ‘app’ or on the phones 901 22 33 44 – 91 553 00 71 (personal attention) or 901 12 12 24 – 91 535 73 26 (automatic service), until next June 29, 2020, during business hours 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday.

The AEAT, which has reinforced thetelephone attention,He started calling from Thursday, May 7, and taking into account the current situation derived from Covid-19, he will try to do it “as soon as possible” to prepare and file the 2019 Income Tax return as soon as possible.



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