Treat teeth sustainably


Some time ago, a new patient came to see me. He was frustrated: “My anterior crowns are no longer beautiful, and I still have periodontal disease,” he said. “There’s nothing left, right?” But he was wrong, there is a way, even if it is not easy to tread.
The crowns of the 53-year-old man were broken and were also ugly at the edges. That made a good care unfortunately impossible. As a result, the man suffered a gingivitis, from which developed periodontitis – a bacterial, creeping inflammatory degradation of periodontal ligament and bone, which shows in bleeding, swollen gums.
In order to improve the situation for the patient in the long term, I chose an alternative route and did not simply renew the crowns. Although this standard treatment would have temporarily led to the rapid resolution of gingivitis, but not to halt the periodontitis. Because the diseased gums would not come to rest, so the crown margins soon free again – and that now looks really very unaesthetic. Another disadvantage: the inflammation of the gums continues to burn.
Sympathetic smile
Instead, I’ve removed the patient’s old crowns, trimmed the gums, and let the dental technician make a well-fitting and very easy-to-maintain long-term temporary, the inexpensive trial version of the final dental crowns. At the same meeting I also treated periodontitis. After inserting the temporary, we waited six months to heal and stabilize the gums.
Meanwhile, we gradually approached an aesthetic result through small changes in shape and color of the temporary restoration. These adjustments were later incorporated into the final restoration, which was created after removal of the temporary restoration and subsequently inserted into the patient. Since then, the Wuppertal no longer tormented exposed crown margins, his gums is also solid and healthy again. In addition, the overall impression is very harmonious, which makes him smile again very sympathetic.


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