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Treat tobacco addiction with light?

Stop smoking in a snap, most nicotine addicts will tell you it's just not possible. However, there would indeed be a future solution to immediately cut the desire to grill one, and this, thanks to led lights. On September 4, researchers from several French and American laboratories explained, through a study published in eLife magazine, that they managed to control nicotine receptors in the mouse brain. Scientists from the CNRS, Inserm, Sorbonne, Institut Pasteur, and the Universities of New York and California Berkeley have also succeeded in influencing the appeal of animals for this substance. Generally, nicotine releases dopamine into the brain by associating with a receptor, which explains the feeling of dependence it creates in smokers. The researchers managed to modify the receptor in question in mice to hang a "chemical nano-switch" that reacts when it comes into contact with light. Under the effect of a green light, the switch went into "on" mode, and went into "off" mode when a violet light gushed. Faced with green light, the mouse became attracted to nicotine. Conversely, she was completely ignorant when a violet light was presented to her. A solution to quit smoking? "We use these tools to dissect the mechanisms of nicotine addiction, see how we can intervene and validate hypotheses.The mouse is a very good model of study. technology in humans is not possible today "said Alexandre Mourot, Inserm researcher in charge of the study, quoted by Le Parisien. The expert in neuroscience explains that for this solution to become a full-fledged smoking therapy, "this would involve gene therapy: the nicotine receptor gene should be modified and brought to the brain by this small nano switch. is very complicated. "" We used light, because it allows us to control the effect of nicotine in a small part of the brain in record time. "We knew the dopamine zone was very important in the appeal of all What we have discovered is that blocking the effect of nicotine in this region is enough to make it unattractive, "says the scientist. If progress remains to be made, we know in any case that the urge and sometimes unalterable nicotine can be stopped clearly.


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