Treatment of a cat from non-existent heart disease in Latvia has cost 20,000 euros

Questions about veterinary services and their prices were researched by the LTV program “Forbidden Technique”, one of the stories reveals the case when a cat owner has spent 20,000 euros for a non-existent heart count.

Cat Lācis has been treated for heart disease for a long time, spending almost 20 thousand euros on treatment, medicines and special diets for several years. Another doctor later said that the cat had no heart disease.

For the last ten years, the cat has had to go to the clinic after a visit. The owner of the cat Diāna calculates that a total of about 20 thousand euros has been spent on the treatment of the Bear and special diets, writes

This especially precious story began more than 10 years ago, when the Bear was already living with Diana: “The bear had a year. And it was a very, very hot summer – on average 34 degrees, and with it Lācis started to breathe very hard. Well, we went to Dr. Beinart to the clinic, and Dr. Beinart said a cardiologist needed a consultation. At that time there was still a living professor Jelgava Jemeļjanovs – a cardiologist. He was admitted twice a week to a doctor at the Beinert Clinic. And Dr. Jemeljanovs sent Lācis digoxin drops, heart drops, because indeed Lācis had something wrong with that heart. ”

In 2015, the cat experienced a crisis – stopped eating and drinking, became weaker and more apathetic. The doctor did not give hope that the Bear would survive, but at that time everything ended well. The clinic ordered systems, gave vitamins at home. Diana has taken a sick leave so that Bear can sit with her.

And such crises recurred and recurred. “As I see him getting so weak, I understand that this crisis is coming to him again. I run to the doctor in time. Accordingly, he is given vitamins at home with systems, ”said Diana.

But then an unexpected turn followed right there in the clinic. “A young doctor went straight to me to make that system, and she tells me: [..] If your cat has been having heart problems for so long, you really can’t have an echocardiogram on your computer. He has had all kinds of ultrasounds, all his blood tests. He did not have the main test, as they say. Well, and I signed up with Dita Stalte at PetCity for cardiology. I also told Dr. Beinart that I intended to do so. Dr. Beinart said, “You won’t really know anything new, you won’t be told anything new,” the cat mistress recalls.

But the news was that the echocardiogram did not show any heart problems. This was also confirmed by a cardiologist.

“When she saw his condition and found out what medications he was taking, she said at the moment that everything had to be taken off completely. [..] The doctor said that the X-ray could not show the real situation, the real picture because when a person goes for an X-ray, he holds his breath, the animal cannot do it, and his heart can slip, ”Diana said.

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