Treatment of animal diseases and zoonoses: ECOWAS will soon endow an emergency fund

Two regulations, one of which establishing a regional emergency fund dedicated to the prevention and control of transboundary animal diseases and zoonoses in the region were adopted at the end of the work of the high-level ministerial meeting of the Specialized Technical Committee. of Food and Agriculture of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), held from September 27 to 28, 2021 Abidjan-Plateau (Cte d’Ivoire).

According to Mr. Skou Sangar, Commissioner in charge of agriculture and the environment of ECOWAS, these two regulations adopted relate on the one hand to the regional mechanism for the prevention and control of transboundary animal diseases and zoonoses in West Africa. and on the other hand the creation of a window within the Regional Fund for Agriculture and Food (FRAA), already part of the ECOWAS Investment and Development Bank.

Five other documents submitted to experts and ministers of member countries following the 7th technical meeting of animal health networks which ended on Saturday 25 September Abidjan were also validated during the work. to believe the general rapporteur, these documents relate to the Animal Health and Animal Welfare Strategy, the Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) Eradication and Prevention Strategy by 2030, the Identification Strategy and ECOWAS Livestock Traceability (ECOLITS) and Strategy for the Control of Animal Trypanosomiasis and Tick-Borne Diseases.

For efficiency in the implementation of the various plans adopted, the ministers of the member countries suggested a synergy of action between the regional and national levels. to believe the stakeholders, the establishment of a monitoring-evaluation mechanism is necessary for the implementation of the decisions. They also affirmed their support for the initiative to ban animal abuse in general and the slaughter of newborns in particular.

Opened by the Ivorian Minister of Animal and Fisheries Resources, Sidi Timoko Tour, this Meeting took place at Noom Htel, Abidjan Plateau, under the chairmanship of the Minister Delegate of Agriculture and Food of Ghana, Tufeiru Mohammed Hardi. Twelve of the 15 ECOWAS countries took part in it as well as representatives of international and regional institutions, technical and development partners such as AU-IBAR, FAO, OIE, USDA-APHIS, BROOKE WA.

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