Treatment of mortal remains: Luc Atrokpo invited to be inspired by the cremation of Rosine Soglo

The treatment of mortal remains should not constitute an obstacle to development. This is the position of Ambassador Candide Ahouansou who pleads for the cremation of the bodies of the deceased. He makes a special appeal to the mayor of Cotonou, Luc Atrokpo, so that he concretizes this project left posthumously by Rosine Vieyra Soglo.

In a forum, Ambassador Candide Ahouansou discusses the need for Benin to proceed with the cremation of deceased people instead of burial in graves. Seizing the opportunity of the cremation of the remains of Lady Rosine Soglo, the diplomat calls on the mayors of the Communes and in particular the mayor of Cotonou, to overcome the cremation course.

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For Candide Ahouansou, the municipal authorities managing cemeteries should therefore take this into account and innovate.. “Mayors could encourage mortuary owners to invest in crematoriums through incentives; which can only continue to serve their interests. So tradition will give way, at its own pace, of course, but it will end up giving way under the pressure of changing minds.“, He says.

The diplomat even considers that it is possible for the town halls to install the cremation ovens themselves, even if it means outsourcing their management to private companies.

« Cotonou is our flagship city and we have at the head of this municipality a dynamic mayor, full of new ideas which have made his reputation and we need not say more. We have no doubt that he will find the ways and means to maintain the site that Rosine Soglo left us posthumously.“, He launches for the attention of the mayor Luc Atrokpo.

Cremation does not shake up tradition …

To anticipate the potential objections to his proposal, Ambassador Candide Ahouansou affirms that he does not consider burial as a tradition, a specificity of the Beninese people difficult to thwart.

Burial, he clarified, was indeed a natural practice common to all the peoples of the earth. ” Only it happened that at some point, some of them had started to think about it and had come to an alternative practice while others had settled into the routine, forever.“, He concludes.