Tree climbing park in Chartres: for the mayor Jean-Pierre Gorges, this new activity gives the city a head start

Joris Colire and Eric Teston, co-founders of the Accrocamp company with Jean-Pierre Gorges and Isabelle Mesnard.
Joris Colire and Eric Teston, co-founders of AccroCamp with Jean-Pierre Gorges and Isabelle Mesnard. (© g / Actual Chartres)

The city of Chartres (Eure-et-Loir) takes height, with the first urban tree climbing park in the department. AccroCamp Chartres opened its courses a few days ago, Saturday May 8, 2021.

This morning, Tuesday, May 11, 2021, Mayor Jean-Pierre Gorges, accompanied by the municipal councilor in charge of the project, vice-president of Chartres metropolis in charge of promoting tourism and president of C’Chartres Tourisme, Isabelle Mesnard inaugurated this new activity, in the presence of Joris Colire and Eric Teston, co-founders of the company AccroCamp.

Chartres is now “hooked-up”

A mayor won over by the arrival of this new activity.

The tree climbing park contributes to the peaceful city program. A peaceful but trendy city! Chartres takes a head start with this urban park. Sure, there will be queues!

Jean-Pierre GorgesMayor of Chartres

Writing a story between André Gagnon and the Butte des Charbonniers

For Isabelle Mesnard, this tree climbing park will attract families to the heart of Chartres. “It blends into the landscape and with the heritage, a stone’s throw from the cathedral. We lacked this playful side in town ”.

Second objective for the city with this activity, “to highlight the Butte des Charbonniers”, with a zip line that crosses boulevard Charles Péguy. “We had to create a story between these two places,” explains Joris Colire, co-founder of Accrocamp.

Trees examined annually

To respond to criticism, especially about the health of trees, the co-founders ensure that they “are examined every year”.

We have no interest in making the trees suffer, the infrastructure is light and we offer a whole educational aspect around the environment and the protection of the forest.

Joris Colire and Eric TestonCo-founders of the company Accrocamp

And from infrastructure to equipment, AccroCamp Chartres uses 100% French!



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