Tremor in Lima: seven injured in the capital and Huaral reported by an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 | VIDEO Indeci PGI COEN Chilca rmmn | LIME

The National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) informs that, after the strong magnitude 5.5 earthquake registered this Thursday in the district of Chilcaprovince of Cañete (Lima), so far, 7 people have been reported injured in the town of Huaral and in Metropolitan Lima.

According to information provided by the Sectoral Emergency Operations Center (COES)from the Ministry of Health, three injured are admitted to the San Juan Bautista de Huaral Hospital due to polycontusions, while another 4 minors are treated at the Pediatric Emergency Hospital, in Metropolitan Lima.

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Rolando Capucho, coordinator of the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN), explained that the injured in Huaral are part of a family that was inside an adobe house that collapsed during the earthquake. These are people over 50 years of age.

In addition, it indicated that in the case of Metropolitan Lima, a 16-year-old girl and three 4-year-old boys were affected during the earthquake. Of this group, a 4-year-old minor fell from the third floor of his house and presented with cranial brain trauma. All are admitted to the Pediatric Emergency Hospital.

Besides, The official specified that the information regarding alleged landslides on the cliffs of the Costa Verde has not yet been reported on social media.

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