TRENDS – Digital Health: Collaboration is key to driving it


Digital transformation in the health sector is not possible without the collaboration of its different actors, say organizers of the First Latin American Congress of Digital Health.

Digital health, a concept that should not be confused with that of digitalized medicine, is aimed at the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in disease prevention, detection, monitoring and management.

Although it benefits patients, streamlines processes and optimizes costs, digitalization in the Dominican health system has been slow, said Fedor Vidal and Amelia Reyes Mora.

Why? "It requires that professionals in this sector assume this type of technology, but these technologies also need to be adapted to the needs of professionals," says Reyes Mora, president of AF Strategic Communications, an expert agency in health communication and tourism.

Vidal, chief executive and managing partner of Arium Health USA, an information technology services firm, adds: “Technology is the least of the problems; this is a problem of change of culture, change of mentality and business models ”.

Basic components

Vidal, an expert in health technology and business, says that the basic component of a health digitalization strategy is the electronic medical record.

This should contain basic patient information, your history, analytics, imaging studies and the list of medications you use.

“The record must be digitized, not on paper, because what is on paper cannot be measured. That is the basics and I believe that the country should focus on all levels, public and private, to create the electronic medical record, ”he says.

Vidal cites, in addition, the development of pharmacological surveillance systems (record of the medications that patients take to identify the interaction between them) and clinical decision systems that help the doctor in his decision making when applying treatment protocols .

Then comes the part of the interconnection, thanks to which the different specialists and medical centers where a patient is treated could access his record.

"There are some large hospitals that have digitalization to a certain level," says Vidal, "but the country still lacks a lot."

Finally, the expert points out the importance of using big data to make inferences and prevent complications in vulnerable groups such as the diabetic or aging population.

The First Latin American Congress of Digital Health seeks to raise awareness among all members of the sector about the need to promote digital transformation in health.

"That is why," explains Mora Mora, "the agenda was built ensuring the participation of most of the main actors that make it possible for this strategy to come alive."


Date and place.

The First Latin American Congress of Digital Health will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel Santo Domingo on November 15. In the activity, experts and authorities in health and technology will analyze the challenges to promote digital transformation in health.

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