MANTUA. Replace the older trains of the busiest bus lines. It is the proposal developed by Trenord (50% Fnm, 50% Trenitalia) to deal with the emergency situation in which the railway service in Lombardy, significantly worsened in terms of punctuality and deletions compared to 2017.

This was confirmed by the new CEO of the company, Marco Piuri, during a hearing in the regional commission Territory and infrastructure. «We have proposed to the Region to reduce the train runs with less than 50 passengers on the more peripheral lines replacing them with buses» explained Piuri, stating that «this intervention concerns only 1% of passengers, ie 7 thousand travelers over 750 thousand» daily users of Trenord and will not touch the main routes to and from Milan. "In this way we take away the old fleet and recover personal without touching the heart of the system. We do not believe to make the service worse but let's say to the 7 thousand that instead of going to the station and finding a suppressed train they will find a certain bus that will take them to their destination ", assured the manager.

In addition to the remodeling of the service, the Trenord plan – currently only limited to winter time (from December 9 to June) – also includes additional trains promised by Trenitalia, which "will guarantee over 20 more trains in the winter". "The goal is to reduce the elimination and disruption of our responsibility by 50%," said Piuri. The winter plan was approved a few days ago by the board and transmitted on Wednesday to the Region, which is responsible for the final ok. "This plan does not solve the critical issues, which depend only partly on Trenord, but wants to reduce them. Our commitment is to reverse the trend of 2018 », said the manager. "I've been here for a month and a half, I'm not superman and the problems are not resolved magically or with strokes of genius," he added. Among the sections affected by the replacement there will be the Codogno-Cremona-Mantova, "but only in the off-peak time slots", was specified by Trenord. But yesterday it was communicated to customers of the line "that, for extraordinary maintenance work on some trains (5), will be replaced by buses for an indefinite period".

"It will probably be another two years of hell for commuters," he said Andrea Fiasconaro, councilor M5S and member of the commission – For our railway line, also in light of this hearing, we must push to speed up the planning of the doubling of the line ». For the Pd adviser, Antonella Forattini "Trenord continues to provide very disappointing answers. We will mobilize in such a way with the local administrators and the citizens, that I invite to the garrison set up for November 13 in front of the headquarters of the Region ». –




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