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Trento, paper bomb at the headquarters of the League where Salvini is expected today: two reported

TRENTO – A big firecracker or (more likely) a small craft bomb built by putting together more firecrackers: that's what caused the explosion that in the middle of the night destroyed the window of the Lega Nord headquarters, in Ala, in Trentino, at little distance from the cinema where this evening the minister of the interior Matteo Salvini is expected to pull the sprint to the League in the provincial elections scheduled for next Sunday. The explosion woke up the neighborhood, all in the street, the ambulance arrived, but the office was empty and there were no injuries. In the middle of the morning the Lega militants had removed the fragments and replaced the window.

Salvini: "They were the anarchists, indeed the idiots"
"They were the anarchists," says Deputy Prime Minister Salvini. "Some subjects have understood that after decades the Trentino people want to turn the page and react with violence, but they will not stop our change". And he adds, correcting the shot, as soon as he arrives in Borghetto, a village in the Trentino bordering the Veneto region that once marked the southern border of the great Tyrol: "I hope they spend some time in jail, I like those who have ideas different from mine but that expresses them respectfully, but who moves his hands, kicks or pulls bombs, is not an anarchist but an idiot, a criminal who has to spend a few days in jail especially because he disturbed the quiet people of Ala who wanted to sleep". "From our point of view, a quieter Trentino also passes through the closure of some social centers that lead little to the development of reality", concludes Salvini.

Lower Trentino is an area in which various groups of anarchists are active, but no claims have been made on the episode. Only the inscription "still whistles the wind" (a motto of the Resistance) appeared on the opposite wall.

Trento, paper bomb at the headquarters of the League where Salvini is expected today: two reported

In the morning the rumor had spread that two people had been stopped and reported: "Thanks to the police who have identified and arrested two alleged perpetrators," Mirko Bisesti, secretary of the Lega Nord Trentino, announced in the early hours of the morning. Thanks also to the governor of Trentino Ugo Rossi, but then the statements are more cautious and law enforcement officers let them know that they are working to identify those responsible. The attorney of the Republic of Trento Sandro Raimondi clarifies: "No person has been at the time neither stopped nor identified in the investigation of the episode of Ala".

Maurizio Fugatti – Undersecretary of Health and candidate for the leadership of the Autonomous Province of Trento – confines himself to inviting all the political forces in the field to "moderate the tone" even while in Bolzano (where he also votes on 21 October) the bomb alarm is triggered for a baby carrier (then empty result) abandoned in front of the headquarters of Casa Pound. Always Casa Pound, in this case in Trento, last March, had been the subject of another attack, with the headquarters destroyed by a craft bomb also in that case made with various firecrackers.The vice president of the Senate Roberto Calderoli made the bill of the last episodes: "With this one of Ala are three attacks in three months against our offices after Villorba (Treviso) and Cremona. First they were written, then the attacks on the banquets and now we have arrived at the bombs: this is not opposition but terrorism ". Solidarity on the part of other political forces and trade unions, with the Trentino and Alto Adige Anpi who condemned the episode: "Now we must reaffirm the fundamental values ​​of the Constitution and the autonomous status of Trentino Alto Adige so that the vote on October 21 is a book and not conditioned by violence ".



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