MILAN – Cost-benefit analysis concerning the Tav Turin-Lyon "it is ongoing, therefore in relation to the risk of loss of European funding for the same or to the macroeconomic impacts of the intervention it is premature to prepare any quantification whose elements are the object of the ongoing cost-benefit analysis". This was stated by the Minister of the Economy, Giovanni Tria, responding to the question time in the Chamber. At the moment the MEF does not have the closing date of the cost-benefit analysis initiated by the MIT, therefore in relation to the risk of loss of European funding or the macro impacts of the intervention on the GDP, according to the minister, it is premature to make quantifications.

"It turns out – said Tria – the suspension of the publication of tenders pending completion of the cost-benefit analysis of the work took place on the basis of an exchange of letters between the competent ministries of Italy and France. the Ministry of Economy and Finance does not have any information on the closing date of the ongoing cost-benefit analysis ".
Tria's response provoked the protest of the deputies of Forza Italia, who had presented the question: some of them stood up waving signs with the words 'Yes Tav: job ladders' and were recalled by the president of the session, Fabio Rampelli.

The banks

"Our banking system is gradually gaining stability and there is no hypothesis of intervention in the sector, and the government is monitoring that the sector will not be put in difficulty," said the minister. "The interventions proposed in the budget law do not affect credit institutions". For Banca Popolare di Bari and for Carige preventive measures of deposit guarantee schemes can not be used because "they are designed to overcome a state of instability or risk of failure, which is not", was the answer to a question on initiatives to protect investors and investors from two institutions.

"This type of intervention – added Tria – is considered by the European Commission to be state aid" and therefore subject to risk sharing by the holders of bonds and shareholders. The minister also recalled that "the sanctions against the top management" of the Popolare di Bari "were adopted by Consob also on the basis of references sent by Bankitalia, which gave ample cooperation to the public prosecutors of Genoa and Bari".

Railways and Alitalia

"The State does not exercise management and coordination activities on the investee companies.The Mef exercises the rights of the shareholder in agreement with the MIT on the group fs"and" Ferrovie acts as an independent market operator and the board autonomously assesses the feasibility and economic and financial sustainability of the transaction. As part of these prerogatives, the Board can decide to carry out the transaction, even with industrial sector partners, subject to verification of the absence of economic and financial prejudices and in compliance with the antitrust and state aid regulations ", said the minister in relation to the will of Fs to invest in Alitalia.

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