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Trial against impostor: The wrong Anna – Panorama

  • In New York, a con man has been found guilty, whose case caused a stir internationally.
  • Anna Sorokin pretended to be the German heiress Anna Delvey, bouncing off New York luxury hotels and banks. She stole high sums from wealthy friends.

From Johanna Bruckner, New York

On the first day of the trial in late March, Anna Sorokin appears in a sleeveless, low-cut dress in front of the New York court. Her glasses with the striking black frame looks a bit too big for her face – as it is currently fashionable. You can read online from which designers the individual parts originate. Dress: MiuMiu or Michael Kors, there are the tabloids New York Post and the still young Instagram account "AnnaDelveyCourtLooks" at odds. Pull over sweater: H & M. Glasses: Celine. When in week two, for the third time, a negotiation day begins with considerable delay, because the 28-year-old refuses to enter the courtroom in her clothes, Judge Diane Kiesel becomes unruly: "This is not a fashion show!" She explains the defendant. Sorokin starts to cry.

Are the tears real? Who knows that with a woman who has made her a celebrity? The New York Magazine and the Vanity Fair have each published great stories about Sorokin (the latter written by a suspected Sorokin victim). Netflix wants to film her story, the script is to write Shonda Rhimes – from her success series such as Gray's Anatomy and Scandal,

Gaslighting The impostor in court

The impostor in court

Tom was four years with a cheater – last year we told his story. Now the verdict has fallen.

At the New York State Supreme Court, Sorokin was charged with serious theft and theft of services. Now the jury found her guilty. By posing as a rich German heiress, Anna Delvey, Sorokin was said to have cheated on luxury hotels and banks in New York, and borrowed large sums from wealthy friends.

An alleged million trust fund and soaring plans

She rented for months at "11 Howard" in Soho, where the night in a middle-class room costs $ 400. She hired a PR company for her birthday party and invited friends to a luxury trip to Morocco. Accommodation with own butler included. Her extravagant life either did not pay her or with money she did not own. In court it comes to a total of 275 000 dollars.

It took ten months before Anna Delvey's charade flew to New York. That may also be because this city of superlatives is particularly prone to grandiose stories. The supplied the young woman with the long reddish brown hair and the alleged 60 million euro Trust Fund. She was in New York to found an art foundation, Anna told her acquaintances in the party and art scene. Should be an exclusive private club. The concept: Hippe Galerie meets Soho House. According to the charges, she wanted 22 million dollars for this project from various banks.

In fact, as prosecutor Catherine McCaw puts it in her opening remarks, Delvey's name was not worth a penny. Her biography – a mixture of half-truths and fantasies. In fact Sorokin was born in Russia in 1991 and moved to the 55,000-inhabitant town of Eschweiler near Aachen as a 16-year-old. Her father initially worked as a truck driver, later as a senior executive at a logistics company, before becoming self-employed with a heating and air conditioning company. A respectable career. But the daughter was apparently not enough.

In the unadorned courtroom 31 of the New York Criminal Court, Anna Sorokin sometimes appears as if she is entering a stage – despite being handcuffed. Your back is then straight, the view goes straight. The reporters present are grateful. There are other days as well. When Judge Diane Kiesel forces the defendant to enter the courtroom in a jogging suit – it's one of those days when she quarrels with a "wardrobe mishap," as the prosecutor mockingly spells it out – Sorokin seems to want to hide , Again and again she pulls the sleeves of the beige sweatshirt over her hands. She responds so quietly to the judge's questions that the court stenographer has to move her little table closer to the dock.



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